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8th gr Hist Ch 6

8th grade History Chapter 6 Test Review

Who wrote Common Sense, one of the most influential political tracts in history? Thomas Paine
As a result of winning the war, what lands did the United States receive? All lands east of the Mississippi (between the Appalations and Mississippi
Who did the Americans expect to join in the effort for independence? Canada
In what year did the War for Independence officially end? 1783
Who was the chief negotiator for the treaty that ended the war? John Adams
Did Americans support Independence? more so didn't than did
What general surrendered at Yorktown? Cornwallis
Victories at what two battles gave new hope to the Americans' cause? Trenton & Princeton
Who trained the colonial army while it was quartered for the winter? Baron Vanstuben
Did Americas provide needed supplies and financial support for the colonial army? no
Who was the leader of the Green Mountain Boys? Ethan Allen
Who was the British officer who lost at Saratoga? John Burgoyne
Who was the Patriot army quartermaster who replaced General Gates as leader in the South? Nathanael Greene
Who declared that he had "not yet begun to fight"? John Paul Jones
Who captured frontier outposts to give America claim to western regions? George Rogers Clark
What group of people wanted independence? Patriots
What were the American troops called? The Continental Army
Who armed merchant ships? Privateers
What were soldiers for hire called Mercenaries
What is another name for Loyalists? Tories
What pamphlet helped to convince colonists that America should separate from Britain? Common Sense
What meeting convened in Philadelphia in 1775 to send the Olive Branch Petition to the king and prepare for war? Second Continental Congress
George Washington's troops spent their most uncomfortable winter at what place? Valley Forge
Southern frontiersmen, angered by British demands to lay down their arms, fought back and won a battle where? Kings Mountain
Which side won the Battle of Bunker Hill? British
Who was the French volunteer that fought with the Americans at Yorktown? Marquis de Lafayette
Who was the primary author of the Declaration of Independence? Thomas Jefferson
On Christmas night of 1776, George Washington's troops surprised the Hessians in what city? Trenton
What Patriot who later became a traitor participated in the capture of Fort Ticonderoga? Benedict Arnold
When was the Declaration of Independence approved by the Continental Congress? July 4, 1776
The War for Independence officially ended with the signing of that treaty? Treaty of Paris
How did the Patriots free Boston from British control? They brought in canon & ammunition from Fort Ticonderoga
Ethan Allen and Benedict Arnold joined forces to capture what fort? Fort Ticonderoga
What Patriot victory forced the British to move their focus to winning the South and also won official French support for the Patriot cause? Saratoga
The Patriots' invasion of Canada to capture Quebec resulted in what? A failed attack
What most clearly demonstrated that the colonies wanted to restore a friendly relationship with Britain before an all-out war developed? Olive Branch Petition
What Patriot schoolteacher lost his life in an attempt to provide Washington with information about British activities in New York? Nathan Hale
What happened at the Battle of Bunker Hill? The Patriots took Bunker hill, thousands of British soldiers assaulted the Patriots position, & the Patriots ran out of ammunition
Who sided with the British during the war? Hessians, Loyalists, Tories
Who was the British officer who surrendered to Washington at Yorktown? Cornwallis
Describe the various attitudes of Americans toward the fight for independence and note the reasons for their attitudes. Patriots, believed their political right to represent government was at stake and they wanted to preserve their religious freedom. The loyalists, who considered themselves loyal subjects to the king, and The Neutrals, who did not join either side.
Created by: bgpalmers