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Adorer to love; to like
aimer to like;to love
chercher to look for
commencer to begin
danser to dance
demander to ask for
détester to detest
donner to give
écouter to listen to
être to be
étudier to study
fumer to smoke
habiter to live
manger to eat
parler to speak
regarder to look at; to watch
Rêver to dream
skier to ski
travailler to work
trouver to find
visiter to visit(a place)
agir to act
bavarder to chat
choisir to choose
déménager to move out
finir to finish
louer to rent
passer un examen to take an exam
réfléchir(à) to think (about)
Réussir(à) to succeed(in);to pass(a test)
arriver to arive
avoir to have
jouer to play; +à= sport +de=instrument
montrer to show
porter to wear;to carry
téléphoner à to telephone
emménager to move in
aller to go
aller +inf verb going to go do something
aller mal to feel bad
attendre to wait(for)
descendre to go down; to get off
entendre to hear
faire to do;to make
perdre to lose to waste
préparer to prepare
rendre to give back; to return; to hand in
rendre visite à to visit (someone)
répondre à to answer
rester to stay, remain
vendre to sell
Created by: uslatham