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History Chapter 7 :)

Vocabulary for History Chapter 7

George Washington Father of our country. The only person to ever be voted presedent unanimously. was very wealthy. Pressed into being president. 1789
Electoral Collage 1789 a body of electors who represent the peoples vote in choosing in the president
Martha Washington Adds poise, grace, style, and eddicute to the government.
Precedent The standard for future action
Judiciary act of 1796 Creates the federal courts and defigned their powers
Alexander Hamilton's Debt plan See page 239 1) Re issue new bonds to make them more valuable 2) Assumption, takes all the debt from the states. 3)Protective tarrifs
National Debt 11 million in forgein Debt 40 million in domestic debt 25 million in state debt 86 million in total debt
Bonds certificates of debt that carry a promise to buy back the bonds at a higher price.
Speculators Usually Rich. People who buy bonds for low prices and hope that they can sell high.
Why was the capital of the country moved to Washington D.C.?
Benjamin Banneker Mathmatition, Survevor trained by Washington. Went to a Quaker School.
Why was Jefferson opposed to Hamilton's economic polictics. Because he thought that the central government shouldn't have that much power against the states.
The National Bank takes in money. Gives loans. Somewhere to put all of the revinue.
Loose Constructionist Someone who beleives in loosly following the rules. What the constituion doesn't say that we cant so we can.
Strict Constructionist Someone who believes in strictly following the rules. It the constition doesn't say we can do it we can't.
French Revolution a rebellion of French people against their king in 1789.
Neutrality Proclamation England raided U.S. Ships going to France. The French raided U.S. ships going to England. Stated that the United states would not take sides with any European countries that were at war.
Privateers Private ships hired by a country to attack its enemies
Jay's Treaty Created by John Jay. Settled the disputeses that had arisn between the U.S. and Great britain in the early 1790. British stoped raiding our shipping. Take back their forts and stop arming native ameracans.
Pickney's Treaty Created by Thomas Pickney. Settled the border and trade disputes with spain.
Little Turtle Cheif of the miami indians, they lived in ohio. He lead the charge against the USA. Defeated S.Clair, and Harmer.
Battle of the Fallen Tiimbers August 20, 1794. Wynes forces defeated the miami indians.
Treaty of Greenville Gave the US claim to most indian lands in the northwest terrritory.
General Anthony Wayne Attacked little turtle. Scattered the Miami Indians. Attacks their food sources.
Whiskey Rebellion Farmers lashed out against the tax on Whiskey. Shows that the constitution will be inforced.
Washingtons's Farwell Address 1) Outlines the benitits of being united, Security. 2) The dangers of a political partys 3) Bring about an amendment=change 4)The need for education 5)Don't get into debt 6)Keep peace 7) Remain nuetral
Political Parties Federalists Democratic-Rebublicans
Federalist party Stron Fedral government. Supported industry and trade. Lived mostly in the north. John Adams, Hamilton, John Jay
Democratic-Rebublicans Stronger state government. No strong central Government. Farming and argaculture
XYZ affair conducted by talley rand. He sends Delegates. Says you can meet with talleyrand if you pay 250,000 dollars and loan 12 million dollars to france.
Alien and Sedation Act Laws that were created to crush any opposition to war.
Kentucky and Virginia Resoltion Documents argued that the alien and sedation acts were unconstitional.
Political Partys groups that help people get elected, and shape polocies.
Created by: c.culicchia
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