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heritage 5 chapter 4

bju heritage 5 chapter 4

a large group of people that have a common culture, history and land nation
an object made by people artifact
a new source created by a person who studied the primary source secondary source
a person who studies history historian
the level of the ocean sea level
a missionary who went to China and adapted to the Chinese culture Hudson Taylor
an original object or document from a particular time period primary source
the languages, government, economy, customs and arts of a group of people culture
the record of activities and events in the lives of people in the past history
three main divisions that historians and geographers use to organize the study of places culture, history, geography
a way of life culture
a record of activities and events in the lives of all the people who have ever lived history
four examples of land features rivers, mountains, valleys, plains
examples of natural resources soil, plants, wildlife, fresh water, sun
how a Christian uses natural resources shows respect for God
until the 1900's treasure hunters dug for profit
after 1900's archeologist dug for historical information
people who excavate and study ancient sites archeologists
the study of the land, climate, natural resources and influences on its people geography
the study of land features and their elevations topography
people can see an overview of a land's features by using a physical map
when measuring the height or depth of land on an elevation scale, begin at 0 which is sea level
chief city of a nation capital
capital of the United States Washington, DC
two national symbols flags and anthems
the official song that represents a nation national anthem
national anthem of the United States "The Star Spangled Banner"
an event where two or more nations are present international event - example - Olympics
what are cities often build near? useful land features such as rivers or other waterways
chief city and center of government of every country capital
what 2 states gave land for the U.S. capital? Maryland and Virginia
Who was chosen to plan Washington, D.C.? Pierre Charles L'Enfant
Who chose the site for Washington, D.C.? President George Washington
What is Grand Avenue, where the Capitol is located, know as today? 'the Mall'
What does D.C. stand for? District of Columbia
Where was the national capital located before the 1800's? Philadelphia
practices that make a group of people different from other people customs
a country's identity is represented by national symbols
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