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1st Americans-SC-KH

SC Native American Study

This Native American Nation lived mainly in the Blue Ridge. Cherokee
This Native American Nation lived mainly in the Piedmont. Catawba
This Native American Nation lived mainly in the Coastal Zone. Yemassee
What do you call the type of home the Cherokee lived in during the winter? "wattle and daub"
Who made the rules for the Native American tribes? council
What kind of leaf did the coastal people use to cover their homes? palmetto leaf
How were all of SC's tribes the same? they lived off the land-farmed,hunted, gathered
Which tribe hunted bear? Cherokee
What do you call a round house made from wood, bark and grass? (Catawba and Yemassee) wigwam
Which tribe made beautiful baskets to catch fish, store food and carry items? Cherokee
Which tribe were great potters and dug clay from the ground to make their pots? Catawba
Where did the Cherokee and other nations build most of their homes? near rivers
Which tribe gathered clams and oysters to eat? Yemassee
Where did the Yemassee move during the winter? to inland villages
What other name were the Catawba known by? The River People
Water was used for travel. This was made and used by most of the Native American Nations. the dugout canoe
What was one of the major differences of these three Native American Nations? language
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