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America World Power

Mrs. Shelton

Which English explorer first discovered the Hawaiian Islands? When? Cook 1778
Who was the first white man to visit the area of Alaska? Bering
Who was Lincoln's Secretary of State? Seward
Who urged congress to purchase Alaska? William Seward
What area of land was purchased by the US in 1867? Alaska
What was the area's nickname? Seward's Icebox
What is the metal whose discovery made many people rush to Alaska? Gold
What body of water lied north of Alaska? Arctic
What nation sold Alaska to the US? Russia
What narrow body of water separates Asia from North America? Bering Strait
What area of Russia is close to Alaska? Siberia
What country borders Alaska on the East? Canada
In Admission to statehood, what number is Alaska? 49
Who was the commander of the US fleet that opened Japan to US trade? Matthew C. Perry
Who gave America its claim to the Hawaiian Islands? Robert Gray
What are a group of islands in which early united states possession in the Pacific Ocean were located? Samoa
What is the site of the US naval base on the Samoan Islands? PagoPago
What product of the Hawaiian Island did American desire? Sugar
What man set up Pineapple plantations in Hawaii? Dole
What is the process by which the US took over Hawaii? Annexation
What is the term for people who wanted the US to gain new territories? Expansionist
Who was the president who blocked the attempt to make Hawaii a possession of the US? Cleveland
Who was President when Hawaii was annexed? McKinley
Who was the last Hawaiian monarch? Queen L
In admission to statehood, what number was Hawaii? 50
Who was the secretary of state who opened trade with China? John Hay
What is the idea that every nation would have equal trading rights with China? Open Door Policy
What is the policy of extending the rule of an empire or nation over foreign countries? Imperialism
In what country did the Boxer Rebellion occur? China
What nation controlled the Philippine Islands before 1898? Spain
What two islands in the Pacific Ocean did the United States taken in 1898? Guam and Wake
What is a long, narrow island in the West Indies controlled by spain before 1898? Cuba
In what sea is Cuba situated? Caribbean
What is Cuba's largest city? Havana
What country controlled Puerto Rico before 1898? Spain
What war lasted only 100 days? Spanish American war
What three territories were gained by the US from Spain at the end of the Spanish-American War? Cuba, Philippines & Puerto Rico
What is the practice of featuring sensational news with large headlines to sell papers? Yellow Journalism
Who was the man whose newspaper helped get the US into the Spanish-American War? Hearst
What is information or ideas that are spread to help or hurt a cause, group, or nation? Propaganda
What are small groups of fighters who strike suddenly without warning and then disappear? Guerillas
In what Cuban crop did many Americans invest? Sugar cane
What is a feeling of pride in your country? Patriotism
What battleship was sent to protect Americans living in Havana? Maine
What ship whose destruction caused the US to declare war on spain? Maine
In what harbor was the Maine blown up? Havana Harbor
Who was the most famous rough rider during american's war with Spain? Theodore Roosevelt
What place did the Rough Rider charge? San Juan Hill
Who was the US Admiral at Manila Bay? Denny
On what bay is Manila a seaport? Manila Bay
Where is Manila? Philippines
Who was the Pilipino leader that wanted his nation to become independent in 1898? Aguinaldo
What insect did the army doctors found carry yellow fever? Mosquitoes
What two diseases killed many Americans in Cuba? Yellow fever and malaria
What battle ship was late to Cuba? Oregon
What country had started to build the Panama Canal but failed? France
What cuban doctor believed that yellow fever was carried by mosquitoes? Finley
Who was the American doctor who headed the Yellow Fever Commission, who discovered the cause of Yellow Fever? Reede
Who helped stamp out yellow fever in Panama before building the canal? Gorgas
Who was the army doctor appointed to govern Cuba after the war? General Wood
Who said the US should "walk softly and carry a big stick" Theodore Roosevelt
What country controlled Panama before the US helped the area rebel? Spain
What bodies of water are connected by the Panama Canal? Pacific and Atlantic
Who was president when the Panama Canal was begun? Theodore Roosevelt
Who was the chief engineer of the Panama Canal? Goethals
What island were brought by the US to protect the Panama Canal? Virgin
What country sold the virgin islands to the US? Denmark
Who was president of the US when it purchased the Virgin Islands? Wilson
What American naval base was established on Cuba to help protect the Panama Canal? Guantanamo
What mechanisms are built into the Panama Canal to raise and lower water levels so ships could pass through them? Locks
What country did many Americans feel the Panama Canal should have been built through rather than Panama? Nicaragua
Through what country did the US build the canal? Panama
Who was president of the US when the Panama Canal opened? Wilson
What act made the people of Puerto Rico citizens of the US? Jones Act
Created by: caitlin.mclain