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Music History TEST ~

Music History Exam 2

Toccata No. 3 (Artist) Frescobaldi
Ricecare after the Credo from Mass for the Madonna in Fiori musicali (Artist) Frescobaldi
Sonata IV per violino per sona con due corde (Artist) Marini
Armide (excerpts) a. Overture b. Act II, Scene 5: Enfin il est en ma puissance- At last he is in my power (Artist) Lully
Excerpts from La Rhetorique des dieux (The Rhetoric of the Gods) a. Prelude b. Andromede (Artist) Gaultier
Suite No. 3 in A minor (Artist) Jacquet de la Guerre
Conclusion of Dido and Aeneas a. Recitative: Thy Hand, Belinda b. Aria: When I Am Laid in Earth c. Chorus: With Drooping Wings (Artist) Purcell
“In voler cio che tu brami” from La Griselda (Artist) Scarlatti
Sonata XI in E-flat major, op. 2 (Artist) (Artist) Corelli
Sonata II in D major, op. 3 (Artist) Corelli
Concerto grosso in D major, op. 6, No. 4 (Artist) Corelli
Praeludium in E major, BuxWV 141 (Artist) Buxtehude
Chorale Prelude on Nun komm der Heiden Heiland (artist) Buxtehude
Ricercare means "to seek out"
fugue means "flight"
Sonata means any piece for instruments
Schein's suite (PGCAT) Pavane Galliard Courante Allemande Tripla (triple meter variation of the allemande)
Froberger was a student of Frescobadi
Frobergers's ordering of the baroque dance suite (ACSOG) Allemande (fr for German) Courante (fr. For running) Sarabende (optional) Gigue (JIG)
Louis XIV (r. 1643-1715) (King of, important for) France, large patron of the arts
Important elements of the french baroque performance practice (NOA) Notes inegales Overdotting Agrements
Jean-Baptiste Lully (1632-1687) (Where, what) France, Opera
Tragedie en Musique (Who, what) Lully, 5 acts of opera
divertissments unrelated episodes of dancing or choral singing
ouverture began Tragedie en Musique
Armide(1686) (Ouverture and Act II, Scene 5: Enfin il est en ma puissance- At last he is in my power) (example of what) Example of french baroque style
Style luthe (lute style) or style brise (broken stlye) (characterized by what) Arpeggiation
Denis Gaultier (1603-1672) (important why and where?) Important lutenist in mid-17th century france
La Rhethorique des dieux (ca. 1650) (Prelude and Andromede- allemande) (for what instrument? (Clue- artist) collection of dance suites for lute Sous dorien [prelude]-unmeasured Andromede [allemande]-use of agrements
Elisabeth-Claude Jacquet de la Guerre (1665-1729) (important why, where) At 5, sang and played harpsichord in the court of Louis XIV First french woman to compose an opera (Suite #3 in A Major)
Suite #3 in A Major (instrument and style) Clavecin, style brise
Masque (where and what) England, scenes that are meant to be entertaining, like french opera divertissments
Da Capo Aria (form) ABA extended aria, ABACA, etc. Start, depart, go back, depart to something different, go back, etc.
Da Capo Aria begins with: Instrumental Ritornello
Da Capo Aria Performance style: The B section would contrast in style and key from A section Second A section is expected to be embellished upon Improvised Cadenza in expected
Aria from La Griselda- In voler cio che tu brami (In wanting that which you desire) (what type of aria?) DA CAPO ARIA
Arcangelo Correli played the: Violin
trio texture means: usually 2 treble instruments or groups vs a basso continuo. (NOT 3 INSTRUMENTS OR PLAYERS, 2 Instruments and a group of basso continuo instruments!!!)
sonata de camera (primary use) chamber sonata, just for fun, entertainment
sonata da chiesa (primary use) church sonata, for religious purposes, played in church DUH
Orchestral concerto (form) emphasized 1st violin and bass participatingless contrapuntal than other 2 types least favored of all concerto types (composers wrote fewer of these)
Concerto grosso (form) small group (concertino) against larger group (ripieno)
Solo Concerto (form) solo player (any instrument) against larger group
Sonata XI in Eb Major, op 2 (1685) (type of sonata) Sonata da Camera
Praeludium in E Major, BuxWV 141 (what and where) Organ, Germany
Chorale prelude (what and who) Lutheran church, used to introduce chorale to everyone so they would know what to sing
Chorale Prelude on Nun komm der Heiden Heiland (instrument) Organ
Created by: got2lovethatfire
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