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Exam 3

Essay #2

Appeasement the Munich agreement became known as "appeasement" The French and British agreed to accept the German demands in Czechoslovakia in return for Hitler's promise to not expand any farther. Hitler occupied the remainin areas of Czech, violatin the agreement
Atlantic Charter (Roosevelt & Churchill) the 2 nations set out "certain common principles" on which to base "a better future for the world" it's called "the final destruction of the Nazi tyranny" and gave every nation control of its own destiny. a statement of war aims.
Cash & Carry a 1937 law established this policy, allowing warring nations to purchase only nonmilitary goods from the US and could do so only by paying cash and shipping their purchases themselves.
Economic Sanctions July 1940, US sanctions limit sale of high grade scrap metal and sale of aviation.
Franklin Roosevelt internationalist
Isolationism Selective engagement- be careful w/ who we get engaged w/. quick (6 mo war). a. avoid alliances b. power of example c. Avoid European conflicts defensive posture- def military;Army > Navy looking back at WWI.
Lend Lease, 1940 allowed the transfer of war supplies(food & machinery)to nations whose defense was considered vital to US defense in WWII *pic of Germans goin through Belgium to get to France* Amer could funnel weapons to England w/ Britain's promise to return after wa
Neutrality Act of 1935 mandated an arms embargo against belligerents(regardless of who was the aggressor) prohibited loans to belligerents curtailed Amer travel on ships belingin to nations at war. World Events: rise of the Nazi Germany & Fascist Italy, war in Spain & Ethio
Neutrality Act of 1937 -Quarantine Address -renewed the 1935 act(expired) -permitted nations to pick up nonmilitary goods on a cash-&-carry basis until May 1, 1939. -continued prohibition in loans and travel *World Events: Japan invades China, War in Asia, & The Rhineland.
Neutrality Act of 1939 -repealed the arms embargo to belligerents -it allowed purchases of war material on cash-&-carry basis -Amer were prohibited from enterin combat areas designated by the Pres *World Events: War in Europe Germany invades Poland
Nye Committee Gerald Nye the isolationist guy! 1. ? 2. We should not have sold to countries of belligerence 3. Executive branch(Wilson) let him push policy
Pearl Harbor *Dec 7, 1941* a. Japanese spent months traveling b. Good News: 1. aircraft carriers werent at Pearl Harbor 2. oil reserves weren't destroyed
Undeclared War in North Atlantic The Lehigh (Amer merchant ship) Sinks, Oct 1941 -we were neutral, but Germans didn't care
Quarantine Speech Roosevelt warned of the dangers of the Japanese actions and argued that aggressors should be "quarantined" by the international community to prevent the contagion of war from spreading. Quarantine Address: -Japanese needed to be treated like a disease
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