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Chapt 11 8th SS

Chapter 11 Creating America 8th Grade Social Studies

A Machine invented by Eli Whitney that cleaned cotton much faster and far more efficiently than human workers. Cotton Gin
Time in American history when machines began replacing hand tools. Industrial Revolution
A part that is exactly like another part and allows the operator to easily repair equipment. Interchangeable parts
A series of laws enacted in 1820 to maintain the balance of power between slave states and free states. Missouri Compromise
Inventor of the steam boat which allowed for quicker transportation of people and good on water. Robert Fulton
Inventor of the Telegraph which allowed people to send messages long distances. Samuel F.B. Morse
Loyalty to the interests of your own region or section of the country, rather than to the nation as a whole. Sectionalism
Strict laws passed to restrict Slave’s Rights and prevent slave rebellions. Slave Codes
Trade and sale of African American slaves within the United States. Transamerica slave trade
Slave rebellion where a group of 70 slaves rebelled and killed 55 whites, sparking fear and retaliation Turner’s Rebellion
The American Industrial Revolution created many new jobs in this field Manufacturing
What were the pros and cons of the steam boat? It provided quicker form of transportation for goods and people, but it also created air pollution
In what way were steel plows better than iron plows? They were lighter and stronger They cut through roots and thick prairie soils easily.
What were some results of the new advancements in farming technology? As more food was produced, there was more food to sell, and people were healthier.
One of the effects of the cotton gin was The expansion of cotton plantations
What developed when the Transatlantic Slave Trade was outlawed, and cotton plantations expanded? The Transamerica Slave Trade was created.
This early American political party believed the federal government should have as little power as possible. The AntiFederalists
During this time period, sectionalism had these effects of on American unity and politics: American’s unity was divided and politics became an “us against them” mentality
What did the slave codes prohibit? Slaves could not leave home without a pass, carry weapons or gather in groups without permission. They also could not legally marry, defend themselves against white people, speak in court or learn to read or write.
African Americans in the South were divided into what two groups? Slaves and Freemen
Slave rebellions were Not uncommon in the South
About what percent of people in the South owned slaves? About 33%
What did the Missouri Compromise do? Kept the balance between free and slave states, and banned slavery in the Louisiana Territory above 36 30'
What two states entered at the same time under the Missouri Compromise? Missouri (slave) and Maine (free)
Created by: judi829
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