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Ch 9-10 8th grde SS

Studystack for Chapter 9 and 10 Creating America

Shawnee chief who tried to unite Native Americans against the American government in order to stop the loss of their land and was later killed at the Battle of Thames Tecumseh
Members of the American Congress and government who actively wanted war with Great Britain. War Hawks
Battle lead by Oliver Hazard Perry fought and defeated the British navy, giving the Americans naval superiority on the Great Lakes. Battle of Lake Erie
17 year old Native American woman who spoke several Native American languages and had survival skills and knowledge about the geography of the Rocky Mountains essential in helping Lewis and Clark. Sacagawea
British seizure and destruction of Washington DC in which several capital buildings burned including the White House, resulting in a crushing blow to American morale. Burning of Washington
Battle where General Harrison attacked and defeated British forces near Detroit, thereby neutralizing the British threat in the Northwest Territory. During the battle Tecumseh was killed. Battle of Thames
Treaty that officially ended the War of 1812,but did not declare a clear winner or solve any trade disputes. Treaty of Ghent
Expedition lead by Meriwether Lewis and William Clark which explored the land of the Louisiana Territory for 2 years. Lewis and Clark Expedition
Expert hunter, astronomer, geographer, and personal friend and assistant to Jefferson. He died a few years after returning from the expedition. Meriwether Lewis
Military manand hunter with strong leadership skills He was a physically very large man. William Clark
A Supreme Court trial that established that the court had the power to declare a law unconstitutional. Marbury vs. Madison
Principle that the Supreme Court has the final say in interpreting the Constitution Judicial Review
The act of forced service into the military by way of kidnapping or intimidation. Impressment
American victory lead by Andrew Jackson where the British were defeated almost two weeks after the War of 1812 had ended. Battle of New Orleans
Incident in 1797 where French Officials demanded a bribe from US diplomats in exchange for negotiating trade disputes. XYZ Affair
Early American political party that believed the federal government should have as little power as possible. Democratic-Republican Party
What actions did Great Britain take that interfered with American trade with France? They put up a partial blockade, and began impressing American sailors.
Name some goals and effects of the Lewis and Clark Expedition. The expedition created accurate maps of the new territory, and established trade relations with Native Americans, so the fur trade grew.
Why was the Battle of New Orleans an important American victory? The American victory served as an unofficial tie breaker to the war and raised national pride.
What was Washington’s advice to the nation in his farewell address? He said that America should steer clear of permanent alliances and warned that political parties would be divisive.
What was the outcome of the presidential election of 1800? The election resulted in a tie between Aaron Burr and Thomas Jefferson. The House of Representatives later broke the tie by electing Jefferson president.
How did John Adams attempt to limit the success of Thomas Jefferson’s presidency? He appointed several Federalists to offices that could oppose Jefferson’s policies.
Why was purchasing the Louisiana Territory in direct conflict with Thomas Jefferson’s principles as a Democratic-Republican? The constitution did not state that the government could buy or sell land. So when he did this, he gave more power to the federal government.
What was the state of the US military prior to the War of 1812? Its state was very poor. The army was poorly trained and the navy had a very small fleet.
What are some things we know about Thomas Jefferson’s personal skills and interests? He was a violinist, horseman, scientist, and devoted reader. He created a cipher and wrote coded messages.
What does the Embargo Act of 1807 say? According to the Embargo, American merchants were not allowed to sail to foreign ports, and American ports were closed to British ships.
What were some of the Causes of the War of 1812? The British had established trade blockades and were impressing American sailors. On the continent, the British were supporting Native Americans in their resistance to American settlers.
What were some of the Effects of the War of 1812? The U.S. proved to the world that it Would defend itself, and American patriotism increased. Because the U.S. had to make its own goods during war, manufacturing experienced growth. Native Americans were severely weakened after the war.
What were some of the problems with the Embargo Act? It was more harmful to the U.S. than to Britain or France, because farmers and merchants could neither sell their products overseas, nor import goods. It caused a sharp drop in US imports and exports.
Who was the first American president to ask Congress to declare war? James Madison
Who composed our National Anthem, and when? Francis Scott Key, during the Battle of Fort McHenry
Which political party believed in strict interpretation of the Constitution? Democratic-Republicans
Who supported the Democratic Republicans? Farmers and tradespeople
Created by: judi829