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Chp. 4 Test Review

Religious settlements in New Spain missions
A colony that is given to a person proprietary colony
pilgrims a person who takes a journey for religious reasons
Plymouth settlers Came to America seeking religious freedom
colony land that is ruled by another country
indentured servants people who agree to work without pay for a certain amount of time
The French explorer that named Louisiana... Sieur de La Salle
legislature the lawmaking branch of the government
The first Dutch settlement named after the capital city in the Netherlands New Amsterdam
This colony is often referred to as the Lost Colony Roanoke
The capital city of New Spain... Mexico City
Squanto helped the pilgrims by... teaching them when to plant corn, how to fish, and to use fish as a fertilizer
Why did Marquette and Joliet not reach the mouth of the Mississippi River? Native Americans told them that Europeans were living south of where they were on the Mississippi so they turned around, fearing the Europeans were Spanish soldiers.
Why did Dutch settlers come to America to settle? They wanted to make a profit from fur and lumber.
What did the pilgrims use to repay the Virginia Company for the cost of their voyage to America? Fur and lumber
Which colony made profits from tobacco sales to Europe? Jamestown
Why did French settlers come to America to settle? They wanted to make a profit from fur.
Which colony was a royal colony? Jamestown
Where did the pilgrims first settle when they left England? the Netherlands
Why did the pilgrims write the Mayflower Compact? They wanted to decide how they would govern themselves in their new colony.
What is "majority rule"? When more than half of a group of people agree to a decision or law, all of the people must then obey it.
What rule did John Smith enforce for the people of Jamestown to follow? He who does not work, does not eat.
What was the name of Virginia's legislature? The House of Burgesses
England's first successful permanent colony was... Jamestown
large farms plantations
part ownership in a business stock
a crop that people grow to sell cash crop
a resource that can be used to make a product... raw material
Spanish forts presidios
the practice of holding people against their will and forcing them to work without pay slavery
money that is left over after the costs have been paid profit
Which settlement was founded on the Hudson River? New Amsterdam
Which settlement was founded on the St. Lawrence River? Quebec
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