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John Locke

John Locke review for POLS 2300 MIDTERM University of Utah

State of Nature We have natural human rights as given by God that can be discovered through reason. 1. life 2. liberty 3. property 4. Freedom from extortion
Why is suicide a no-go for Locke? He claims that one can never destroy or dispose of their property, and the body is considered property
Qualities of the State of Nature 1. Freedom insofar as it doesn't violate the Harms Principle 2. Equality; power is reciprical 3. Reason is the law of Nature
Social Contract as opposed to Hobbs Two contracts, one exits the state of nature and the other enters into government. The implications of this are such that we now have a right to retaliate and overthrow corrupt government, wherein Hobbs believes government should be absolute.
Nature of Authority non-activist, only protects rights already in existance, doesn't purport new or 'artificial' ones.
3 Reasons for the Toleration of Religion 1. God gives no authority to coerce a man to a religion 2. State can only affect outward appearance, never the tru belief of the soul 3. Force of law destroys the meaning of belief.
Why does Locke claim Kings shouldn't even try to convert people to a state religion? If there is one correct path to heaven, then only one kingdom will have access. This means the odds are heavily stacked against you. Also, it is wrong that one should go to heaven simply because of their birth place rather than by merit or faith
Limits on Toleration of Religion Catholics - they pledge their allegiance to a foreign leader and thus ought not be trusted. Athiests - have no belief in the devine or God, cannot be trusted.
Created by: aniytlia
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