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Mesopotamia Study Guide

extra food and supplies surplus
money used to improve a country taxes
rivers which made Mesopotamia so fertile Tigris and Euphrates Rivers
large building Sumerians used for religion ziggurat
Babylonian leader that is known for creating a set of laws Hammurabi
worship of only one god monotheism
Sumerian writing cuneiform
sytems that includes ditches, dikes, dams, and canals irrigation
tool used to make cuneiform in clay stylus
crescent-shaped piece of land that was great for farming Fertile Crescent
dirt that clogged irrigation canals silt
longest river in Africa Nile
first city-state in Mesopotamia Sumer
reasons for war in Mesopotamia people fought over land and water
low, flat land in Southern Mesopotamia formed by rivers alluvial plain
the rule that says the punishment fits the crime PERFECTLY "eye for an eye"
continent where Mesopotamia is found Asia
examples of things grown on a Mesopotamian farm wheat, barley, onions
main reason people settled in Mesopotamia water for crops
main way Sumerians got the things they needed trading
modern day Mesopotamia is in... Iraq, Iran, and Israel
bits of rock and soil carried or deposited by water silt
time when there is very little to no rain drought (DROUT)
word used to describe things in a city urban
3 reasons for a surplus of food fishing, farming, and domestication of animals
3 things that make up a culture religion, government, and learning
Gilgamesh heroical priest-king from Sumerian city-state of Uruk
Mesopotamia greek for land between two rivers e.g Tigris/Euphrates
Cradle of civilization Mesopotamia - world's first civilization occured there
scribes maintained and improved record keeping
4 Hammurabi reforms irrigation system, tax system, govt. housing, one religion
Irrigation The watering of dry land by means of canals or pipes
Silt A mixture of tiny bits of soil and rock carried and deposited by a river
Created by: SproullJ