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The Thirteen Colonies

In the 1400s, most Europeans thought you could reach Asia by sailing across what ocean? Atlantic
What was the name for the French colonies in North America? New France
What King sent John Cabot to the New World? King Henry VII
What were the New England Colonies? Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, and New Hampshire
What were the Middle Colonies? New York, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Delaware
What were the Southern Colonies? Maryland, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Georgia
Year the Spanish Armada was defeated by England 1588
What was the name of the Spanish fleet defeated in 1588 by the English Spanish Armada
What was the purpose of John Cabot's voyages to America? To find a short route to the Indies
What was the name of the first permanent English colony in America? Jamestown
Where did the Puritans settle? Boston
Who established the Lost Colony at Roanoke? Sir Walter Raleigh
According to legend, where did the Pilgrims land in America? Plymouth Rock
What European country controlled Florida in the 1500s and 1600s? Spain
Why did England and Spain go to war in 1588? Disagreements over religion(Spain-Catholic and England-Protestant) AND over trade
Name three British sea captains who helped to defeat the Spainish Armada. Martin Frobisher, John Hawkins,Francis Drake
In what colony was Boston located? Massachusetts
In what colony was Plymouth located? Massachusetts
In what colony was Providence located? Rhode Island
In what colony was Hartford located? Connecticut
In what colony was Philadelphia located? Pennsylvania
In what colony was Baltimore located? Maryland
In what colony was Jamestown located? Virginia
In what colony was Williamsburg located? Virginia
In what colony was Charles Town located? South Carolina
What word was found on a tree at Roanoke when John White returned to the colony? CROATOAN
Who was the first English child born in America? Virginia Dare
Who was the queen of England during the 1588 war between Spain and England? Elizabeth I
Who was the king of Spain during the 1588 war between England and Spain? Phillip II
What country was ruled by King Henry VII? England
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