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ancient romes


Christianity followers of jesus christ
baptize a ritural in which a person is welcomed into a new region
Jesus the son God who was put to death on a roman cross
disciple a person who helps spread religios teaching
constantine an emporer in 312C.E., who had a dream about Jesus the night before battle then a vision about a cross. They went into battle with C and H on the cross and they had a great victory.
parable a simple story that explains a moral or religious lesson
Judea Te place where Jesus was born
crucify t put to death by nailing the hands and feet to a cross
prefect a high official in ancient Rome
ressurect when Jesus rose from the dead
New Testament Iformation about Jesus put in a book from when Jesus was born
gosples an account of the life teachings of Jesus Christ
missionary smeone who tries to presaude others to believe his or her region
Messiah a savior that many Jews believed had been promised by God
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