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Election Process

Key terms connected with presidential elections

A politician who is running for public office. candidate
The number of votes each state has in a general election (based on population). electoral votes
A person who does not support a particular political view. independent
An elected official who serves as both Chief of State and Chief Political Executive. president
Groups of citizens who wish to influence and control the government by having their members elected to public office. political parties
This red-state party favors reducing the size of the government, less spending on social programs, and lower taxes for businesses and the wealthy. Republican
This blue-state party favors government regulation of the economy, environmental programs, and providing social programs through taxes. Democrat
Group of electors who formally elect the US president and vice president. electoral college
A race between cadidates for elected office election
Preliminary elections in which delegates and nominees are chosen. primary
A document that spells out the goals and principles of a political party. platform
In order to vote, you must sign up. register
Document used in voting that lists the choices available to voters, such as candidates or resolutions. ballot
Express your preference for a candidate. vote
The amount of time some one is elected for. term
People working together to try to get a candidate elected to a position. campaign
People who believe that government action is necessary in order to achieve equal opportunity and equality for all. liberal
People who believe in personal responsibility, limiting government, traditional values, and strong national defense. conservative
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