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Meso IDs Only Exam I

<img src="" /> The Wrestler<br>Early to Middle Formative<br>1500 BCE and 400 BCE<br>Olmec<br>Basalt<br>Found in Arroyo Sonso
<img src="" /> Colossal head #1<br>Early Formative<br>1200-900 BCE<br>Olmec<br>Basalt<br>San Lorenzo Tenochtitlán
<img src="" /> Hero Twins<br>Early Formative<br>1100-800 BCE<br>Olmec<br>Basalt<br>El Azuzul
<img src="" /> Figures from El Manati'<br>Early Formative/Macayal phase<br>1040 BCE<br>Olmec<br>Ceiba wood<br>foot of Cerro Manatí
<img src="" /> Mosaic pavement<br>Middle Formative<br>900-400 BCE<br>Olmec<br>Serpentine<br>La Venta
<img src="" /> Colossal head #1<br>Middle Formative<br>900-400 BCE<br>Olmec<br>Basalt<br>La Venta
<img src="" /> Altar 4<br>Middle Formative<br>900-400 BCE<br>Olmec<br>Basalt<br>La Venta
<img src="" /> Monument 19<br>Middle Formative<br>900-400 BCE<br>Olmec<br>Basalt<br>La Venta
<img src="" /><img src="" /> Offering 4<br>Middle Formative<br>900-400 BCE<br>Olmec<br>Basalt/serpentine/jade<br>La Venta
<img src="" /> Kunz axe<br>Middle Formative<br>900-300 BCE<br>Olmec<br>Jade<br>hilly region of Oaxaca
<img src="" /> The "baby" figurine<br>Early/Middle Formative<br>900-300 BCE<br>Olmec<br>Ceramic (kaolin)<br>Las Bocas
<img src="" /> El Rey Petroglyph 1<br>Middle Formative<br>800-300 BCE<br>Olmec<br>Basalt<br>Chalcatzingo
<img src="" /> Olmec Lord<br>Early/Middle Formative<br>900-300 BCE<br>Olmec<br>Wall painting<br>Oxtotitlan
<img src="" /> Youth with Rain, Monument 1<br>Middle Formative<br>800-300 BCE<br>Olmec<br>Greenstone<br>Las Limas, Veracruz
<img src="" /> Lord, Stela 1<br>Late Formative<br>2nd cent CE<br>Epi-Olmec<br>Limestone<br>La Mojarra
<img src="" /> Jaw and Teeth Necklace from Pyramid of the Feathered Serpent<br>Early Classic??<br>2nd cent CE<br>Teotihuacano<br>Jaw/teeth<br>Teotihuacan
<img src="" /> Mask mosaic<br>Early Classic??<br>2nd cent CE<br>Teotihuacano<br>Shell, obsidian, malachite<br>Teotihuacan
<img src="" /> Reconstruction - Mural Painting of a Deity Flanked by Two Attendants from Tetitlan<br>Early Classic??<br>2nd cent CE<br>Teotihuacano<br>Plaster and stucco<br>Teotihuacan
<img src="" /> Temple of the Moon<br>Early Classic<br>150 CE<br>Teotihuacano<br>Architecture<br>Teotihuacan
<img src="" /> Great Goddess<br>Early Classic<br>150 CE<br>Teotihuacano<br>Basalt<br>Teotihuacan
<img src="" /> Pyramid of the Feathered Serpent and the Adosada platform<br>Early Classic<br>200 CE<br>Teotihuacano<br>Architecture<br>Teotihuacan
<img src="" /> Temple of the Sun<br>Early Classic<br>225 CE<br>Teotihuacano<br>Architecture<br>Teotihuacan
<img src="" /><img src="" /> North Face of the Temple of Masks, E VII-B<br>Early Classic<br>250-550 CE<br>Maya<br>Architecture<br>Uaxactun
<img src="" /> Leiden Plaque celt<br>Early Classic<br>320 CE September 17<br>Maya<br>Jade<br>Linked to Tikal
<img src="" /> Stela 4, Curl Nose (Yax Nuun Aylin)<br>Early Classic Maya<br>380 CE<br>Maya<br>Boulder<br>Tikal
<img src="" /> Reconstruction of Tumba 104<br>Early Classic<br>400 CE<br>Zapotec/Mixtec<br>Painting and sculpture<br>Monte Alban IIIa
<img src="" /> Portrait of the deceased over jaguar<br>Early Classic<br>400 CE<br>Zapotec/Mixtec<br>Ceramic<br>Monte Alban IIIa, Oaxaca
<img src="" /> Stela 32, Stormy Sky<br>Early Classic<br>445 CE<br>Maya<br>Limestone<br>Tikal
<img src="" /> Palenque Palace<br>Late Classic<br>600 CE<br>Maya<br>Architecture (Limestone???)<br>Palenque
<img src="" /> Captives from the East Court of palace<br>Late Classic<br>600 CE<br>Maya<br>Limestone<br>Palenque
<img src="" /> North Ballcourt looking east<br>Classic<br>600-1200 CE<br>Totonac?<br>Flagstones<br>El Taji'n
<img src="" /> Beheading on South Ball Court panel<br>Classic<br>600-1200 CE<br>Totonac?<br>Limestone/stone<br>El Taji'n
<img src="" /> Temple of the Inscriptions<br>Late Classic<br>675 CE Started<br>Maya<br>Architecture<br>Palenque
<img src="" /> Lid from Temple of the Inscriptions (Sarcoph)<br>Late Classic<br>683 CE<br>Maya<br>Limestone<br>Palenque
<img src="" /> Tikal Temple II<br>Late Classic<br>700 CE<br>Maya<br>Architecture<br>Tikal
<img src="" /> The Palace Tablet with Lord K'an Hok' Chitam II<br>Late Classic<br>702 CE<br>Maya<br>Limestone<br>Palenque
<img src="" /> Hieroglyphic staircase<br>Late Classic<br>710-755 CE<br>Maya<br>Architecture<br>Copa'n
<img src="" /> Tikal Temple I<br>Late Classic<br>740-50 CE<br>Maya<br>Architecture<br>Tikal
<img src="" /> Lintel 24, structure 23<br>Late Classic<br>750 CE<br>Maya<br>Limestone<br>Yaxchilan
<img src="" /> Pyramid of the Niches<br>Classic<br>800 CE<br>Totonac?<br>Flagstone<br>El Tajín
<img src="" /> El Adivino/Pyramid of the Magician/Pyramid of the Dwarf<br>Late Classic<br>850 CE<br>Maya<br>Architecture<br>Uxmal
Created by: takeshertime
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