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Social Studies 2

SC History-Chapter 6

Census the number of people (population) of an area or nation.
Eliza Pinckney She shared her harvesting knowledge with other planters.
Stono Rebellion The largest revolt of slaves in the American colonies. The slaves met near Stono River, robbed a store for weapons and then started burning plantation homes and killing whites.
What was life like for slaves after the Stono Rebellion? The Negro Act was passed. Slaves could not raise food or earn money. They could not travel without written passes.
Mercantilism The regulation of trade for the benefit of the state.
What was the goal of Mercantilism? Increase wealth by importing more goods than exporting.
Staple crop A crop planted for great financial profit.
Indigo Plants that produces blue dye
What is the process of growing inpodigo? They are planted and harvested. They are cut and soaked in a vat of water.Lime is added to a second vat to extract the dye. The mixture is stirred for hours and then drained. When the indigo is dry it is cut.
Why was indigo so popular in SC? It was bought for a high price in Europe.
What labor force was required for indigo? Blacks, Native Americans and indentured servants.
Navigation Acts-What were the different rules/regulations for each of them?
Joseph West
Carolina grew rich from what products, crops, etc.
Carolina Gold
indentured servants
Middle passage
Captain John Thurber
Royal African Company
Negro Act of 1740
Jonathan Lucas
What was the process of growing rice?
How did colonists learn the growing process of rice?
What labor force was required for growing rice?
tidal cultivation
Moses Lindo
Board of Trade
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