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US History - WGU

US History, Inventors, Presidents, Explorers

Stamp Act Pot is set to Boil. Official stamp on all documents
Sugar Act Taxed colonies on sugar, wine, and molassess
Tea Act Allowed British East India co. to sell tea to colonies w/out paying taxes. Resulted in Boston Tea Party
Declaratory Act Asserted British govt. right to impose taxes
Townsend Act Duty tax, search and seizure
Quartering Act British soldiers permitted to live in colonist homes for free
Boston Massacre 6 colonist were shot in Boston during scuffle btwn solonist and British troops
Trail of Tears Cherokees departure to Oklahoma
Ecomienda Oppression of Native Americans by Spanish Conquistadors who were granted trusteeship over indigenous people
Conquistidors Soldiers
Requerimeinto Threatened to enslave Native Americans if Spanish demands weren't met
Black Legend Spanairds oppression of Native Americans
The Great Migration Resulted from the persecution of the Puritans
Toleration Act Freedom of relilgion in Baltimore to anyone professing to believe in Jesus
Treaty of Tordesillas Divided land btwn Spain and Portugal
Homestead Act Ended reign of large land owner; Gave 160 acres to farmers to farm for 5 yrs
Oregon Trail Began in Missouri and followed Kansas River; Due to land hunger; Concept of Manifest Destiny
Mexican American War Dispute over border; Gold found in Ca; Mexico had defaulted on loans to US
Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo Mexico accepts Rio Grande as border; Ceded New Mex & Ca to US
Manifest Destiny O'Sullivan wrote; Opened new markets & annexed foreign land
Magna Carta House of Lords and House of Commons; Needed royal assent for a bill to become law; Britain, 1215 sovereign rule
Declaration of Independence Was drafted to rally colonists against Britain and towards rebellion with promises of equality to men, and right to be free and pursue happiness
Preamble To form a more perfect union; Estab. justice; Ensure domestic tranquility; Common defense; General welfare; Secure blessings of liberty
Articles of Confederation (Shortcomings) Federal gvt assumed all power; Economy was weak; Couln't maintain order or protect people
Articles of Confederation Left too much power to central gvt.
Constitution Adhered to principles fought for in the Revolutionary War
Bill of Rights Citizens felt rights were not properly outlined in Constitution and insisted that Bill of Rights be added before they would agree to ratification of Constitution
Consitutional Convention Framers wanted a gvt with checks and balances; Great Compromise; Commercial Compromise; 3/5th Compromise
Andrew Carnegie Steel developer
John Rockefeller Standard Oil Company
JP Morgan 'Bankers Bank; Bought Carnegie Steel
Alenander G. Bell Phone inventor
Christoper Sholes Typerwriter inventor
Thomas Edison Light bulb, phonograph, dictaphone, mimegraph
Edward Drake Steam engine
Westinghouse Airbrakes for r/r cars; generating electricity
President elected by voters
Senate Elected by voters in their own state
House of Representatives Elected by qualified voters in their own state; can impeach president
Congress Maintains military; Declares war; Regulate intersate and foreign commerce
Two Party System (Strength) Greater representation of the people
Two Party System (Weakness) Excludes opinio outside the 2 parties
Marbury vs Madison 'Judicial Review'; Unconstitutional to force appts that were wrong
Dred Scott Fueled Civil War; Slave that sued for freedom based on the fact that he lived in a free state; Was denied;
Plessy vs Ferguson 'Seperate Car Act'; Seperate bu not equal doctrine
Brown vs Board of Education End of segregation in public schools
Roe vs Wade Woman had right to end pregnancy
George Washington Set presidential presidence
George Washington French and indian War
George Washington Prime mover oin steps leading to Constitutional Convention
Thomas Jefferson Silent member of Congress
Thomas Jefferson Drafted Declartion of Independence
Thomas Jefferson Wrote bill estab religious freedom
Abraham Lincoln Civil War
Abraham Lincoln Built up Republican Party
Abraham Lincoln Emancipation Proclamation
Abraham Lincoln commissioned Lewis and Clark for expedition of Louisiana Purchase
Franklin D Roosevelt Great Depression
Franklin D Roosevelt New Deal
Franklin D Roosevelt 'Good Neighbor' Policy
Franklin D Roosevelt Wanted to keep US out of war with Europe
Franklin D Roosevelt Pearl Harbor
John F Kennedy Progress and the Peace Corps
John F Kennedy Cuban Missle Crisis
John F Kennedy Space Exploration
Lindon B Johnson A Great Society
Lindon B Johnson Medicare ammendment to SS Act
Lindon B Johnson VietNam
Richard Nixon Foreign Policy
Richard Nixon Suspicious of media, rivals and bureaucracy
Ronald Reagan Ended Cold War
Ronald Reagan Great Communicator
Ronald Reagan Lowered Taxes
Ronald Reagan Peace through strength
Susan B Anthony Women's right to vote
Susan B Anthony Suffrage movement; the 'cause'
Jackie Robinson 1st Black Major League Baseball player
Cesar Chavez Migrate workers in Ca
Cesar Chavez Boycotted grape producers in Ca
Cesar Chavez 'Farm Workers Association'
New England Colonies Mass, RI, Connecticut
New England Colonies Sought religious freedom
Mid-Atlantic Colonies Va, Maryland
Mid-Atlantic Colonies Agriculturally based
Mid-Atlantic Colonies Firm basis for the growth of slavery
Southern Colonies NC, SC, Ga
Southern Colonies Rice, tabacco, cotton
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