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History Ch. 4

History Ch. 4 Vocabulary

Mesopotamia in ancient times, the geographic area between the Tigris & Euphrates Rivers
Sumer an area in the southern part of Mesopotamia where cities first appeared
city-states an early city that was like a small, independent counrty with its own laws and government
irrigation system a means of supplying land with water
Sumerians ancient people who lived in the geographic region of Sumer
levee a wall of earth built to prevent a river from flooding its banks
silt fine particles of rock
canal ditches built for irrigation
natural barrier or boundary a land form or body of water that creates a border between two places Example: Ohio River
stele slab of stone inscribed with pictures of major events
shadoof rod with a bucket on one side and a weight on the other used to raise water from rivers and irrigate fields
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