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RI History Ch.3

The Revolutionary Era

How and when did the Revolutionary War have to do with RI? In 1763 RI was the leader in the Revolutionary movement. The state had a high degree of self rule so it had more to lose when England increased supervision and control.
What was the Sugar Act and where and when did it affect RI? In 1764 in Newport there were restrictions on the molasses trade.
What, when, and where did the ship Liberty affect RI? In July of 1769 in Newport, Liberty was a ship burned by the colonists. it was a sloop bringing British customs to RI.
What, where, and when did the Gaspee have to do with RI? In 1772 in Warwick's Namquit Point, Gaspee was a revenue schooner burned by RI people in protest of the Sugar Act.
What, where, and when did the tea Party have to do with RI? In March of 1775, Providence performed the Tea Party.
What and when did the Providence Town Meeting have to do with RI? In 1774 the Providence Town Meeting was the first group to call for a general congress of colonies to resist the Coercive/Intolerable Acts
What, where, and when did Stephen Hopkins and Samuel Ward have something to do with RI? On June 15, 1774 in Providence, they were appointed by General Assembly to be delegates to anticipated Continental Congress.
What, where, and when did the army of observation have to do with RI? In Aprioll of 1775, Nathaniel Greene was the leader of a 1,500 man army of observation. They came to be after the Lexington and Concord skirmishes.
What and when did RI do something important? On May 4, 1776 RI renounced allegiance to Kinge George III. They were the first colony to do so.
What, where, and when did the Declaration of Independance have to do with RI? On July 18, 1776 the assembly ratified the Declaration of Independance.
What, where, and when did the Black Regiment have to do with RI? During the Revolutionary War volunteers who were black and indian slaves disaatached from thr RI regiment making the Black Regiment.
What, where, and when did Esek Hopkins have to do with RI? During the Revolutioonary War Esek Hopkins was the first commander in chief of the Continental navy.
What, where, and when did the Continental Army and Nathaniel Greene have to do with RI? During the Revolutionary War, in the South, Nathaniel Greene was the chief on the southern continental army. He was George Washington's second in command. He was also part oof the Kentish Guards.
What, where, and when did the British have to do with RI? On Dec. of 1776 to Oct. of 1779, in Newport, the British occupied Newport.
What, where, and when did the Battle of RI have to do with RI? IN Aug. of 1778, RI colonists tried to rid the British out of RI, but lost. It was the first time the French allies helped the colonists in a battle. The British left voluntarily in Oct.
What, where, and when did the French Army have to do with RI? In July of 1780, in Newport, the French made Newport their base odf operations. The French had encampments all over RI. Rochembau was the leader of the French Army.
What, where, and when did Catholic Rights have to do with RI? On Feb. of 1783, all disabilities against Roman Catholics was removed, giving them all the rights, privileges of Protestant citizens. This was because their French allies were Catholic.
What, where, and when did the Emancipation Act have to do with RI? In March of 1784, the Emacipation Act made children of the present slaves free. This was because of Locke's famous quote about equality.The General Assembly passed this act.
What, where, and when did the slave trade have to do with RI? In Oct. of 1787, RI's General Assembly prohibited RI citizens to trade slaves.
What and when did the decline of Newport have to do with RI? In 1774-1782, Newport's population was declining. In 1774 the population was 9,209, while in 1782 it was only 5,532. This decline was because of Newport's exposed location, Toryism practice, and temporary British occupation.
What and when did Providence have to do with RI? During the Revolutionary War, Providence's populkation remained stable. It was sheltered at the head of the bay. It was also the center of Revolutionary activity.
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