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Idaho History Ch2

Latitude Imaginary lines that run East and West. Parallel to the equator.
Longitude Imaginary lines that run north and south.
Elevation Tells how high or low the land is. The ocean is 0 feet.
Climate The type of weather found in an area.
landforms The shape of the land (mountains, valleys, plateaus, rivers, and lakes.
Precipitation Rain snow or moisture that falls from the sky.
Irrigation When you supply farm land with water from another place. Usually flows through ditches or pipes.
Spawn Fish spawn or lay their eggs
Canyon A long narrow valley with steep sides.
Lava Melted Rock that has pushed its way to the surface of the earth.
Eroded This is when wind or rain wears away the rocks or land
Hot Springs This is hot water under the ground. Boise has homes heated with hot springs. Native Americans use mineral hot springs as healing places.
Panhandle The long narrow part of Idaho. If turned on it's side, Idaho would look like a pan and this is the "handle" part.
Created by: jonathanwood