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CRJ Pneumatics

Environmental Control Systems CRJ- For Advanced Systems

How many bleed air pneumatic systems 2
10th stage bleed is used for Starting, air-conditioning, pressurization
14th stage bleed air is used for Anti ice, thrust reverses
Any source of bleed air can pressurize manifold when Isolation valve is open
If electrical power is lost the 10 th stage SOV will Close due to spring loading
APU bleed air is controlled by the LCV
The two ACM packs revive bleed air from 10th stage or apu
How many ram air ducts are there for cooling of bleed air 1
Pack bleed air is cooled by Heat exchangers and acm
Ram air taken from the scoop is used for cooling Heat exchangers bleed air
Cabin pressure is maintained by 2 outflow valves
Outflow valves maintain a psi differential of 8.4 psi
Pressing emer depr causes Outflow valves to open
Landing field elevation knob is used to Set destination airport altitude
In manual mode the up position allow sthe outflow valves to Open and cabin altitude to increase
In manual mode down position the outflow valves Close and the cabin altitude decreases
How is bleed air directed to wing leading edge for anti ice Piccolo tubes
Where do wings and cowls get bleed air 14th stage
Created by: etops