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AP World History

Chapter 12 - Reunification & Renaissance in Chinese Civilization

Fall of Han 220 C.E.
Sui dynasty rises 580 C.E.
Wendi rises to power by having daughter marry ruler of Zhou empire and seizes the throne for himself.
Yangdi, son killed Dad through throne.
Wendi use support of military to conquer and reunite Chen China, 589 CE
How did Wendi gain support? Food banks built (granaries) and lowered taxes (equal ratio taxes)
Who did Yangdi have driven back in the North? The Huns
Yangdi, of Sui dynasty, endorsed confucionism.
Who was Yangi assasinated by? His ministers
Li Yuan was a loyal noble, minister (before becoming Duke of Tang) who helped kept military order under Yangdi.
What did Li Yuan recognize, that was wrong, under Yangdi? He recognized the corruption.
Li Yuan took power after Yangdi Became 1st emperor of Tang dynasty in 626
Who di Li Yuan give his power to? His son
9th century Tang had great armies.
Why did the Tang take sons of foreign nobes? To teach them Chinese ways.
Where did the Tang extend their empire to? Vietnam
The Tang united the Yangtze River civilization.
The Tang expanded larger than the Han.
Did the Tang bureaucracy shrink or grow? Grow
Why were gentries emphasized in the Tang dynasty? To organize China
What offset nobility? Bureaucracy
The Tang re-worked confucionism.
What did they call people that passed a civil service like test? Jinshi
How did society see those who had passed the civil service test? They were honored and revered
What did passing the test mean to the family? Office was secured for the family
Who was the founder of the Song dynasty? Zhao Kuangyin
What was the emporor's title of the Song dynasty? Taizu
What type of man was Zhao Kuangyin? An honest, fearless, warrior who was very scholarly.
The Song never controlled the Northern frontier (weaker than the Tang).
There was a push pull of immigration, in order to migrate what did you need? A reason.
What is warlordism? When generals try to take command and go to war.
In the Song Dynasty, the bureaucracy became too powerful.
What is Pure Land Buddhism? It emphasized salvetations aspects to Chinese buddhism and was popular among people of China
Why did many convert to Mahayana Buddhism? It provided refuge from war and unrest.
What did Empress Wei do? Poisoned her husband and put her son on the throne (@ 700 CE); palace revolt won by another prince
What Chinese emperor, of the Tang dynasty, persecuted Buddhists? Wuzong
Where did Yang Guifei come from? A harem of a Tang prince.
Who was infactuated with Yang Guifei? Xuanzong after his 2nd wife died.
Yang Guifei family made there way into court politics.
What did the military do to Yang Guifei after a revolt? Had her and many family member executed.
What dynasty started after the fall of the Tang dynasty? The Song.
What was Zhao Kuangyin title? Taizu
What type of person was Zhao Kuangyin? An honest, fearless warrior who was scholarly.
Who was Zhu Xi? The most dominate and neo confucian scholar during the Song dynasty.
Zhu Xi stressed importance of applying philosophical principles to everyday life and action.
Who was Wang Anshi? A Confucian scholar and chief minister of a Song emperor in the 1070's.
Wang Anshi introduced reforms based on legalists.
Wang Anshi advocated greater state intervention in society.
Wang Anshi introduced cheap loans to encourage agriculture.
Wang Anshi could tell the dynasty would collapse.
Describe Junks. Chinese ships equipped with watertight bulkheads, sternpost, rudders, compasses, and bamboo fenders.
Junks were a dominant force in trading in Asian seas east of the Malayan peninsula.
What did Junks have for self defense? Gunpowder propelled rockets
What is "flying money"? Money credit instruments that provided merchants credit vouchers to be redeemed at the end of the voyage.
What is "flying money" reduce? Danger of robbery
What would footbinding do to womens feet? Feet wrapped tightly in silk from an early age would make womens feet smaller and produced a lot of pain.
Footbinding made it easier to confine women to the household.
Why did women participate in footbinding? It made women more marriageable since upper class (all statuses) men preferered women with small feet.
What 2 main things was gunpowder used for? Fireworks and war.
In the Tang era, gunpowder was one of the most important technological advances.
Gunpowder was first used in fireworks.
Gunpowder was later used by armies in grenades and bombs.
Who was Li Bo? The most famous poet in the Tang era.
Li Bo blended images of the mundane world with philosophical musings.
Li Bo celebrated the natural world.
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