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Chapter 7 Review

Chapter 7 test Review

The type of government in which citizens rule through elected representatives Republic
The major argument between states at the Constitutional Convention was the number of representatives from each state
The movement that influenced the Constitutions framers Enlightenment
The lawmaking branch of government legislative branch
the division of powers between the national and state governments is known as Federal system
America's First Constitution The Articles of Confederation
the Virginia Plan and New Jersey Plan combined to make The Great Compromise
What is the most distinctive feature of the United States government? Separation of powers
The actual presidential electors Electoral College
An example of the President's checks and balance of Congress Veto
A period when economic activity slows and unemployment increases. Depression
The judicial branch contains Court systems
Movement of angry farmers Shays’s Rebellion
What protects individual rights Bill of Rights
An Enlightenment writer and thinker John Locke
The main goal of the Articles of Confederation was to Prevent a strong central government and protect the rights of the people
Under the Articles of Confederation who had the power to tax? State governments
What were supporters of the new Constitution called? Federalists
Why could the Articles of Confederation be considered a success? Provided a system for governing western territories and adding new states
The basic principle underlying the Constitution People are the ultimate source of power
Definition of Bicameral Two house legislature
Why did the framers of the Constitution feel there was the need for the Electoral College Felt the citizens were uneducated
Who can collect taxes under the Constitution? National government
The main reason for the addition of the Bill of Rights To protect individual liberties of the people
Who was the presiding officer at the Constitutional Convention? George Washington
What did Federalists and Anti-federalists disagree over? The amount of power given to the federal and state governments
Under the Articles of Confederation how did the federal government get soldiers? They had to ask the states for men
What keeps any one branch of government from gaining too much power? Checks and balances
The Articles of Confederation had to be approved by how many states? 13
Under the federal system, what has the final authority? The Constitution
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