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Reg. verbs Fr. 3 yrs

Regular verb meanings from chapter one of French Three Years, second edition

accompagner to accompany
adorer to adore, love
aider to help
aimer to like, love
ajouter to add
allumer to light, turn on
apporter to bring (things)
arracher to pull out, tear out
arrêter to stop
arriver to arrive
attraper to catch
baigner to bathe
baisser to lower
bavarder to chat
blâmer to blame
blesser to wound, hurt
briller to shine
briser to break, smash
brosser to brush
brûler to burn
cacher to hide
camper to camp
casser to break
causer to chat
cesser to stop, cease
chanter to sing
chasser to chase, hunt
chauffer to heat
chercher to look for
collectionner to collect
commander to command, order
composer to compose
compter to count
conseiller to advise
couper to cut
coûter to cost
crier to shout
critiquer to criticize
cuisiner to cook
danser to dance
déchirer to tear
déclarer to declare
décoller to take off (plane)
décorer to decorate
déjeuner to eat lunch
demander to ask for
demeurer to live, reside
dépenser to spend (money)
dessiner to draw
dîner to dine
distribuer to distribute
diviser to divide
donner to give
douter to doubt
durer to last
échouer to fail
éclater to burst
éclater de rire to burst out laughing
écouter to listen to
emballer to wrap
embrasser to kiss
empêcher to prevent
emprunter to borrow
enchanter to delight
enregistrer to record
enseigner to teach
entourer to surround
entrer to enter
envelopper to wrap, envelop
épouser to marry
éternuer to sneeze
étonner to astonish
étudier to study
éveiller to awaken
éviter to avoid
expliquer to explain
exprimer to express
fabriquer to manufacture
fatiguer to tire
féliciter to congratulate
Félicitations! Congratulations!
fermer to close
fêter to celebrate
fonctionner to function
frapper to hit, knock
frotter to rub
fumer to smoke
gagner to earn, win
garder to keep
gaspiller to waste
gâter to spoil
glisser to slip, slide
goûter to taste
gronder to scold
habiter to live (in)
hésiter to hesitate
ignorer to be unaware of
indiquer to indicate
intéresser to interest
inviter to invite
jouer to play
jurer to swear
laisser to leave (behind), let
laver to wash
louer to rent, praise
mâcher to chew
manquer to lack, miss
marcher to walk
mêler to mix
un mélange a mixture
mériter to deserve
monter to go up, climb
montrer to show
nommer to name
noter to note, observe
C'est noté. Noted.
ordonner to order
organiser to organize
oser to dare
ôter to remove
oublier to forget
pardonner to pardon, excuse, forgive
parler to speak
participer to participate
passer to pass, spend (time)
patiner to skate
pêcher to fish
peigner to comb
penser to think
pleurer to cry
porter to carry, wear
poser to place, ask (a question)
pousser to push
pratiquer to practice
préparer to prepare
présenter to introduce
prêter to lend
prier to pray, beg
prouver to prove
quitter to leave
raconter to tell, relate
ramasser to pick up, collect
regarder to look at, watch
regretter to regret
remarquer to notice
remercier to thank
remporter to bring back
rencontrer to meet
rentrer to return, go back home
réparer to repair
repasser to review, iron
réserver to reserve
Vous avez réservé? Do you have a reservation?
respecter to respect
rester to stay, remain
retourner to return; to turn over
réveiller to wake (someone) up
rêver to dream
Fais de beaux rêves! Sweet dreams! (familiar)
Faites de beaux rêves! Sweet dreams! (formal)
saluer to greet
sauter to jump
sauver to save
séjourner to stay (for a visit)
Bon séjour! Have a pleasant stay!
sembler to seem
siffler to whistle
signer to sign
signifier to mean
soigner to care for
sonner to ring
souhaiter to wish
souligner to underline, highlight
stationner to park
surveiller to watch over, supervise
tâcher to try, attempt
téléphoner to call (on the phone)
terminer to end, terminate
tirer to pull, shoot
tomber to fall
Laisse tomber! Drop it! (familiar)
toucher to touch; to cash (check)
tourner to turn
tousser to cough
travailler to work
traverser to cross
tremper to soak, dip
tromper to deceive
trouver to find
tuer to kill
vider to empty
visiter to visit
voler to fly, steal, or rob
accomplir to accomplish
agir to act
applaudir to applaud
atterrir to land (plane)
avertir to warn
un avertissement a warning
bâtir to build
bénir to bless
blanchir to bleach, whiten
choisir to choose
désobéir (à) to disobey
attendre to wait for
assister (à) to attend
correspondre to correspond
défendre to defend, forbid, prohibit
Défense de fumer! No smoking!
descendre to go down, descend
établir to establish
finir to finish
garantir to guarantee
garnir to garnish
grandir to grow up
grossir to get fat
guérir to cure
maigrir to get thinner, lose weight
nourrir to nourish, feed
entendre to hear
interrompre to interrupt
perdre to lose
rendre to give back, return (something)
obéir (à) to obey
punir to punish
ravir to delight
réfléchir to think, reflect
remplir to fill
réussir to succeed
rôtir to roast
rougir to blush
saisir to seize
trahir to betray
verdir to turn green
noircir to blacken
répondre (à) to answer, respond
rompre to break
tondre to mow
tondre la pelouse to mow the lawn
vendre to sell
un vendeur a salesman
une vendeuse a saleswoman
Created by: Fournierm