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test bro

aztec empire based in tenochtitlan, 1427, conquered by cortes
incas maccu picchu, largest precolumbian empire, conquered by pizarro
bering strait 53 mile wide sea straight, migrated across this strait by land bridge Beringia
matrilineal gave women more power
christopher columbus sailor, influenced by marco polo and ptolemy, 4 voyages, paved expansion
columbian exchange exchange of goods, plants, animals, diseases. wiped out 90% of pop.
hernan cortes spanish explorer, seeked gold, conquered aztecs
mercantilism government controlled trading. tariffs
new netherland 17th c dutch colony
protestant reformation 16th c division between western christianity
encomiendo legal system to control native american labor
roanoke island the lost colony
pope's revolt 1680, faced diseases, raids and starvation, spanish sought to suppress, united uprising with good initial results
joint-stock company company owned by shareholders
virginia company pair of joint stock companies. london and plymouth
john smith and pocahontas explorer captured by powhatan and was saved by pocahontas
powhatan confederation destroyed by 1646. forced onto reservations and separate from europeans
pilgrims and puritans separatists / anglicans
half-way covenent partial church membership made by england in 1662
mayflower compact first governing document of plymouth. ensure peace on the mayflower
"city on a hill" allowed purtians to settle in the new world led by john winthrop
roger williams broke away from the church, founded providence rhode island
anne hutchinson started the Antinomians, rhode island for religious freedom
lord baltimore george calvert, first baron of baltimore
navigation acts laws restricted foreign shipping for trade between England and its colonies,1651
king phillip's war metacom rebellion, 1675-78, native americans of england vs colonists and allies
mary rowlandson captured by native americans during king phillip's war,
bacon's rebellion uprising 1676 Virginia Colony in North America, led by a 29-year-old planter, Nathaniel Bacon.
william penn founded Pennsylvania
quakers religious society of friends
glorious revolution english revolution against james II 1688-89
dominion of new england short-lived administrative union of English colonies in the New England region 1688-89
salem witch trials 1691-92, strange behavior led to belief of witches
transportation act 1718, transported criminals to north america
execution sermons last words before execution
maleficium wrongdoing or mischief dealing with sorcery
middle passage where slave trading took place
maroons fugitives
olaudah equiano african involved in the british movement to stop slave trading
tobacco main crop for selling and trading
enlightenment age of reason. cultural movement of intellects
ben franklin founding father of the united states
indentured servants made contracts to be servants as payment for transportation to new land
great awakening periods of religios revival
george whitefield english anglican speaker who helped spread the great awakening
jonathan edwards theologian, stressed saving power of god
deism relationship between god and the natural world
methodism anglican revival movement
new lights and old lights distinguishes people who once agreed, who not disagree
southern gentry slaveholders with high social class
stono uprising slave uprising on september 9, 1739
piracy 1650s - 1730s. outburst of pirates
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