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CC 21-40

Meeting of 13/13 colonies beginning in May 1775 in Philadelphia, PA: served as 1st gov't out of emergency ;wrote Olive Branches Petition and Declaration of Independence Second Continental Congress
Document sent to the British informing them of American independence on July 4,1776 ; mainly written by Thomas Jefferson Declaration of Independence
First true attempt at a national govt in the U.S. - 1781-89; very weak, only one branch -legislative Articles of Confederation
Famous convention held in Philadelphia 1787 to revise the AOC - but instant wrote entirely new form of govt - U.S. Constitution Constitutional Convention
Solution to the problem of representation at the Constitutional Convention Great Compromise
Solution to the problem of how to count slaves for representation purposes in the House of Representatives Three-fifths compromise
System in which Constitution allows for power to be shared between the national govt and the states Federalism
Opening paragraph of constitution that lists the 6 goals of our new govt Preamble
Constitution calls for a 3-branch govt to fulfill the 3 powers of govt creating a: Separation of Powers
Clause found in Article I of the constitution that gives Congress (legislative branch), the ability to do more things than constitution specifically mentions Elastic Clause
Exact interpretation of the constitution Strict construction
A broad interpretation of the constitution Loose construction
Amendment that abolished slavery (1865) 13th
Amendment that defined what it took to be an American and said no state could deprive a citizen of life, liberty, or property without due process of law (1868) 14th
Amendment that gave suffrage to African American males (1870) 15th
Amendment that gave women the right to vote (1920) 19th
Papers written by John Jay, Alexander Hamilton, and James Madison encouraging New York to approve the constitution Federalist
Added in Dec. 1791 to protect our rights from being abused by a stronger national govt Bill of Rights
2 political parties that emerged after the debate over ratification of the constitution Federalists and Democratic Republicans
1st secretary of treasury in the U.S.; founder of Federalist party Alexander Hamilton
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