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poly sci 9-10

Face-to-face communication by personal contact
Stump verb, to campaign by personally speaking to audiences
introspective looking within oneself
opinion leaders locally respected people who influence the views of others
oligopoly a few big firms dominant a market
status quo keeping the present situation
elite media highly influential newspapers and magazines read by elites and the attentive public
wire service news agency that sells to all media
source who or where a news reporter gets information from
Blog short for web log online free magazine often partisan and idiosyncratic
media event news incident planned to get media coverage
incumbent official who already occupies the office
bandwagon tendency of front runners to gain additional supporters
cross-pressured pulled between opposing political forces said to produce apathy
nonpaternalism not taking a supervisory or guiding role
electromagnetic spectrum the airwaves over which signals are broadcast
framing a news story's basic direction and interpretation
adversarial inclined to criticize and oppose to treat with enmity
sullivan short for new york times v. sullivan 1964 supreme court decision protecting media against public officials libel suits
corporatism the direct participation of interest groups in government
METI japans ministry of economy, trade, and industry formerly MITI, ministry of international trade and industry
Diet Japans national legislature
corruption use of public office for private gain
subprime risky mortgage made to unqualified borrower
scandal corruption made public
public financing using tax dollars to fund something such as election campaign expenses
unforeseen consequence bad or counterproductive result when laws or policies do not work as expected
political action committee us interest group set up specifically to contribute money to election campaigns
soft money campaign contributions to parties and issue groups so as to skirt federal limits on contributions to candidates
single-issue groups interest association devoted to one cause only
AFL-CIO american federation of labor-congress of industrial organizations, the largest us union federation
NAM national association of manufactures a major federation of us industrial executives
socioeconomic status combination of income and prestige criteria in the ranking of groups
structured access long term friendly connection of interest group to officials
lobbying interest group contact with legislatures
class action lawsuit on behalf of a group
amicus curiae statement to a court by persons not party to a case
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