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Unit V Review GuideB

Ruler of Russia during WWI (title and name) Czar Nicholas II
Ruler of Germany during WWI (title and name) Kaiser Wilhelm II
His assassination triggered WWI Archduke Franz Ferdinand
Attorney General led raids to round up political radicals following WWI Mitchell Palmer
Head of the Committee on Public Information during WWI George Creel
U.S. president during WWI Woodrow WIlson
Commander of the American Expeditionary Force in Europe during WWI John J. Pershing
Head of the Food Administration during WWI Herbert Hoover
Term: agreement to stop fighting Armistice
Term: Paying damages Reparations
Term: drafting soldiers Conscription
Three main members of an alliance called the Allies or Triple Entente France/ Russia/ Britain
Three main members of the Central Powers or Triple Alliance Germany/ Austria-Hungary/ Ottoman Empire
Causes for U.S. entry into WWI Militarism/ Nationalism/ Alliance System
Law requiring men to sign up for the draft Selective service
Laws punishing antiwar actions in WWI Espionage and Sedition Acts
Government agency that issued propaganda during the war Committee on public info.
Pres. Wilson's plans for a lasting peace 14 points
This treaty ended WWI Treaty of versailles
Group of Republican Senators were totally opposed to U.S. entry into the league of Nations Irreconcilables
Group of Republican Senators were open to compromise over entry into the League of Nations if it was assured that the U.S. would not have to go to war if it did not want to. Reservationists
This nation dropped out of WWI when a communist revolution overthrew its monarchy Russia
Most famous WWI soldier and Congressional Medal of Honor winner Alvin York
He assassinated the heir to the throne of Austria-Hungary Gavrilo Princip
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