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SS Chapter 4 Test

Chapter 4 Test

Who invented the telephone? Alexander Graham Bell
What did Thomas Edison invent? the phonograph
Which invention changed transportation at the turn of the twentieth century? the electric streetcar
What are three examples of how inventions of the late 1800's and early 1900's led to the rise of new industries? 1. Companies all over the country began selling and designing cars. 2. People started businesses to offer telephone service. 3. Entrepreneurs built power stations to bring electricity to cities.
What is Andrew Carnegie is known for? building a huge steel empire
Which business leader founded Standard Oil Company? John D. Rockefeller
How did railroads help the United States economy grow? They helped businesses reach distant markets.
Describe a free enterprise system. Business owners can decide what to produce and how much to charge for products or services.
The growth of big business led what three changes in the United States? 1. By 1900, more Americans worked in factories than on farms. 2. Big business created millions of jobs. 3. The United States became the world's leading producer of manufactured goods.
What is a main reason that immigrants came to the United States in the late 1800's and early 1900's? They hoped for economic opportunity.
How is Angel Island different than Ellis Island? Angel Island was the main immigrant station for Chinese immigrants.
Why did immigrants often live in communities with others from their home country? It was a way to help make the adjustment to the United States easier.
What 3 factors led to the rise of labor unions? 1. workers earned low wages and worked long hours. 2. working conditions were unhealthy and dangerous 3. workshops were hot and cramped
What were three main goals of the American Federation of Labor? 1. safer working conditions 2. end child labor 3. better wates and 8-hour work day
What event shows how conditions improved for workers in the early 1900's? the establishment of Labor Day
Sequence the following events from first thru fourth: - Lewis Latimer's electric light - Thomas Edison's power station - Frank Sprague's electric streetcar - Thomas Edison's light bulb 1. Thomas Edison's lightbulb 2. Lewis Latimer's electric light 3. Thomas Edison's power station 4. Frank Sprague's electric streetcar
How do monopolies threaten free enterprise? If companies don't compete, consumers do not have the freedom to decide what goods and services to purchase and prices can become high.
How did the automobile industry effect the oil industry? created demand for oil products such as gasoline and motor oil.
What are some challenges immigrants faced once they gained entry into the United States? They needed to learn a new language and traditions. They needed to find homes and jobs. Some faced prejudice
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