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8th grade ss

Which is the main holiday of the Greek Orthodox Church? Easter
The collection, revision and organization of all the laws of Ancient Rom were known as: Justinian's Code
The Byzantine Empire preserved the cultural heritage of Greece and Rome
The offical language of the Catholic Church as set forth by the Pope Latin
Which of the following statements best describes the Byzantine economy? It was prosperous.
Which of the following groups conquered the Byzantine Empire? The Ottoman Turks
Which of the following is the Latin abbreviation for "the year of our Lord?" A.D.
Along the market place you might find this person processing animal hides into leather. A tanner
Which of the following was NOT an engineering feature of the Romans? large stained glass windows
What is the name of the narrow body of water connecting the Black Sea to the Sea of Marma Bosporus Strait
Created by: jjscaputo