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Chapter #6

The world of Islam

Sheikh chosen from one of the leading families by council of elders.
Allah abrabic for god.
Makkah muhammad was born, go for the haij.
Muhammad he lived with his uncle that was caravan manger.
Quran the holy book of Islam.
Hijrah the journey to mandinan.
Pillars 1.Beief, 2. Prayer, 3. Charity, 4. Fasting, 5. Pilgrimage.
Shari'ah muslim scholars deveopled a law code.
Caliph he is incharge.
Abu Bakr leader of Islam, sucessor to muhammad.
Jihad struggle in the way of god.
Umayyad arabs carried new attack at the easten & western ends of the mediterrdain sea.
Abbasid muhammads uncle over threw the umayyad dynasty in 750. Baghdad is on the tigris river to the east of umayyad.
Battle of Tours arab forces were defeated.
Shia a muslim group that accepts descendants of muhammads son-in-law.
Sunni muslim group that only descendants of the umayyads as the ruler of Islam.
Vizier high government offical in Egypt or in muslim countries.
Sultan "holder of power".
Astrolabe used by sailors for location.
Minaret the tower of a mosque, prayer five times a day.
Bazaar covered market in Islamic cities.
Hijab head dress that women wear.
Dowry a gift of money or property at the time of marriage.
Arabesques geometric patterns repeated over and over.
The Arabian Peninsula took on a new importance when political disorder in Mesopotamia and Egypt _____. shifted trade routes through Makkah to Yemen and then across the Indian Ocean.
In the year 1 of the Islamic calendar, Muhammad and his followers relocated to _____. Makkah
After Muhammad's death, Muslim scholars developed a law code known as the _____. shari'ah
A revolt of Muslims in 680 in Iraq led to a split of Islam, with _____ Muslims accepting only the descendants of Ali as the true rulers of Islam. Shia
What was significant about the Battle of Tours? Arab expansion in Europe was halted
The Umayyad capital was at Damascus, but the Abbasids moved the capital of the Arab Empire to _____. Baghdad
How were Arab traders' goods carried over land for long distances? by camels.
Although according to Islam, all people are equal in the eyes of Allah, _____. slaves were not considered equals
Muslim contributions to later European culture included _____. the improvement of the astrolabe,translations of and commentaries on the works of Aristotle, the development of algebra.
The Alhambra in _____ is considered the finest example of an Islamic palace. Baghdad.
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