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Skel Rad 3 Arthritis

Fracture with both cortices of bone disrupted. Complete Fracture
Involves only one cortex of bone. Incomplete Fracture
A buckling/bending appearance, tension to convex side, transverse fracture with concave side intact Greenstick Fracture
Buckling appearance, cortex bulges outward metaphysis, painful special variety of greenstick fracture Torus Fracture
DIP 1st Carpo-Metacarpal Joints EOA
SI Jt T/L Junction Hips Shoulder AS
Anywhere 1st MTP Jt Gout
Weight Bearing Joints Sites of Previous Trauma 1st Carpo-Metacarpal Joint DJD
Radio-carpal, inter-carpal, MCP Jt, C1/C2 RA
SI Joint Spine Calcaneous Reiter's
Iliac side of the SI Jt., triangular shape of sclerosis Osteitis Condensans ilii
Fibrocartilage, hyaline cartilage, meniscus, TFC Calcium Pyrophosphate Dihydrate Crystal/CPPD
Supraspinatus mm. Longus Coli mm. Calcific tendonistis HADD
Bilateral arm weakness, paresthesia mid-lower cspine APLC, LCN Unconvertebral Arthrosis
Created by: sfoust