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Latino Literature

Authors for the midterm, dates of latino history, etc.

Spanish conquer the Aztec 1510
Nican Mophohua//Virgin of Guadelupe 1530's.
Cabeza de vaca's travels 1530's, after the virgin of guadelupe
Mexico gains independence 1810
US/Mexican war late 1840's
US/Spanish war late 1890's
Mexican revolution 1910
La Causa (farm worker's movement) 1960's
Chicano movement 1960's-70s
Where was Heredia born? Cuba
Where was Marti born? Cuba
Where was Burgos born? Puerta rico
Where was Marin born? Puerta rico
Where was De Vaca born? Spain
Where was de Burton born? Mexican American
Where was Villarreal born? Mexican American
Where was Gonzales born? Mexican American
Where was Salinas born? Mexican American
Where was Anaya born? Mexican American
What was the name of the treaty in the squatter and the don? Guadelupe-hidalgo treaty
What did the treaty in the squatter and the don do? ended the us/mexican war and promised certain rights to mexicans living in land gained by the USA at the end of the war.
What was the issue with the treaty in the squatter and the don? It was not well enforced. Many mexican american families lost their land to anglo squatters and litigation/legistlation made it difficult to prove ownership.
What is the setting of the squatter and the don? San Diego, CA, 30 years after the signing of the treaty of Guadelupe-hidalgo
Why did Marti come to the usa? What was his purpose in life? He came to the USA to support the Cuban revolutionary party. His guiding purposes in life were fighting for Cuban independence and restoring the good name of Cubans. He fought stereotypes in the Manufacterer that Cubans were "inferior, useless, etc"
What did William James mean when he said "mystical states of consciousness." He was talking about religion. Mystical states of consciousness refers to states which cannot be imparted to others, nor sustained. The person in this state may feel like he is being controlled by a higher power.
What is an example of William James' "mystical states of consciousness." In the poem Niagara, which describes a person's reaction to seeing the niagra falls and being overwhelmed with religious feeling and God being in the waterfall.
What was the Chicano movement all about? Many issues; workers rights, education, political rights, a general awareness of negative stereotypes.
Explain how the chicano movement had to do with I am Joaquin.... There are examples of the chicano movement in I am Joaquin. He mentions worker's rights when he describes the family turning the rows of beets. He talks about ideas of percieved inferiority in general and tries to counteract that by giving examples.
Created by: matriarch
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