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Wester Civ


Bishop Jacques Bossuet the man who set up Devine Monarchs in France, he ruled before Louis XVI.
The Frondes Civil war in France during the Franco-Spanish war
James I Reckless king who led to the constitutional monarch no smoking
Charles Tried to raised taxes without calling Parliament
Oliver Cromwell He civil war he was a parliament
Exclusion Crisis It was a bill that tried to stop James the Duke of York from becoming king because he was Roman Catholic
James II He was a Roman Catholic king of England, when he had a catholic heir people flipped a shit having the Glorious Revolution having William II of Orange and he wife Mary to the monarchs who were protestant. In 1689
Act of Settlement (1701) It gave Sophia of Hanover and her heir the right to rule over England and outlined over who could be the rulers of England.
Montesquiu Frenchman came up with idea of separate powers
Rousseau Frenchman didn't like the king or the Church
Denis Diderot Frenchman wrote the encylopedia
Beccaria Crime and punishment didn't like torture
Voltaire French enlighten thinker hated the absolutism and the church had to live outside France. Liked the English Government
Physiocrats wealth of a nation was derived solely from the value of the land agriculture or land development
Abbe Siyes French revolutionary helped turn the Estates Gerneral in the the National Assembly
Tennis Court Oath After the 3rd estate was locked out of the meeting they sore not to separate and to reassemble wherever circumstance required, until the constitution if the kingdom was established
Wommen's March on Versailles A riot over bread prices, ended up forcing the royal family from Versailles to Paris
Declaration of Pillnitz European monarch banning together to attack France to restore the power of the king
Vendee a department of France that wanted counter revolution so The Committee of Public Safety. Burned it to the ground
Order in Council English Embargo on France (worked)
Continental System France Embargo on England (Fail)
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