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Social Studies UIL


diplomat - formulated the Monroe Document- politician- 6th president- son of second president John Quincy Adams
American statesman- politician- writer Founding Father- helped build support of colonies for rebellion against Britain Samuel Adams
1st astronaunt to walk on the moon with Neil Armstrong Edwin "Buzz" Aldrin, Jr.
leader of women's suffrage movement Susan B. Anthony
Greek philosopher- student of Plato- teacher of Alexander Great Aristotle
greatest American trumpet/cornet player Louis Armstrong
1st astronaunt to walk on the moon with Buzz Aldrin- Quote - "Houston, Tranquility Base Here. The Eagle has landed" Neil Armstrong
helped develop American lead industry- father of Stephen F. Austin- 1st to get permission for Anglo American to settle Spanish Texas Moses Austin
"Father of Texas" - Brought 300 Anglo colonists to TX (Old 300)- State capital named for him Stephen F. Austin
Known as "The Singing Cowboy" on radio, movies and tv Gene Autry
German composer and organist during Baroque period Johann Sebastian Bach
nurse during the Civil War- founder of American Red Cross Clara Barton
composer and pianist in transitional period between Classical and Romantic periods Ludwig van Beethoven
famous scientist- inventor- invented the telephone- mother and wife were deaf which influenced him Alexander Graham Bell
former senator from Delaware- focused on foreign relations and criminal justice- Current Vice President of the United States Joseph Biden
important Venezuelan in South America Simon Bolivar
fought for the Texians- died at the Alamo James Butler Bonham
stage actor who assassinated Abraham Lincoln at Ford's Theater John Wilkes Booth
inventor, surveyor, publisher during TX Revolution - Inventor of condensed milk Gail Borden, Jr.
Bowie knife named for him- led volunteers at the Alamo- became ill, bedridden and died at the Alamo Jim Bowie
15th US President -only President never married -felt that succession was illegal and going to war to stop it was illegal - sypathized with the South James Buchanan
lawyer and plitician - received empresario grant to settle near Nacogdoches - interim president of Republic of Texas - Friend to Sam Houston David Burnet
tied with Jefferson in 1800 election - became Vice President after vote of House of Representatives - fought Alexander Hamilton in a duel Aaron Burr
41st president of the US - Cold War ended during his presidency - father of George W. Bush George H.W. Bush
Spanish explorer - shipwrecked near Galveston - traded and explored Texas while searching for Mexico Alvar Nunez - Cabeza de Vaca
Italian navigator (routes in the sea)- claimed coastal area of Canada for England John Cabot
irst vice president to resign his office - resigned to run for Senate - advocate for state's rights John C. Callhoun
founded Carnegie Steel Company Andrew Carnegie
Texan rabbi; served in Galveston Movement to divert Jews fleeing Russia and Europe away from crowded East Coast cities Henry Cohen
former first lady, former Senator of New York, and current Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton
British politician known for his leadership during WWII; Nobel Prize winner Sir Winston Leonard Spencer Churchill
leader bent on improving conditions for migrant farm workers Cesar Chavez
Spanish novelist, poet - wrote Don Quixote, called "Prince of Wits" Cervantes
empresario or Republic of TX who founded "Little Alsace" on Medina River Henri Castro
scientist who created products made from sweet potatoes and peanuts (peanut butter) George Washington Carver
guide and hunter for John C. Fremont's 1st 3 explorations; fount in Battle of Adobe Walls against Kiowas and Comanches Christopher Houston Carson
TX Secretary of State; sent as commissioner to Washington, DC to intercede for recognition of independence of TX Sam Carson
developed Colt-Walker pistol for use by Texas Rangers; Quote "It would take a Texan to shoot it." Samuel Colt
navigator and explorer; instrumental in Spanish colonization of New World; 2nd European in Americas Christiopher Columbus
Spanish conquistador who searched for fabled Seven Cities of Cibola Francisco Vasquez de Cornado
Spanish conquistador who sailed for Mexico in search of gold Hernan Cortes
Tennessee Frontiersman, fought and died at the Alamo; known as "King of the Wild Frontier" David Crockett
Portuguese explorer; commander of 1st ships to sail directly from Europe to India Vasco da Gama
inventor, artist, "Renaissance Man", painted Mona Lisa Leonardo da Vinci
Spanish explorer who discovered Mississippi River Hernando de Soto
1st Vice President of the Republic of Texas, governor of Mexico; exiled in US Lorenzo de Zavala
invented steel plow John Deere
writer known for books depicting life in rural TX during days of open range Frank Dobie
American inventor who made 1st light bulb and phonograph Thomas Edison
German physicist known for his theory of relativity Albert Einstein
5 Star general; 34th president; Commander of the Allied forces in WWII Dwight D. Eisenhower
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