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scocial studies for


what twin rivers flow through turkey and iraq euphraties and tigirus river
the u.s. forces entered to defeat talaban and look for osama benladen afgainistian
ruled iraq suddam hussian
investining in communicationsystems and power plant is an exan example of capital investment
during world war ll millions of jews were killed in this . the houlacaust
define zionism to move to reunight
almost all middle eastern jews live in israel
the joins the persiangulf and the gulf of oman is an important shipping channelfor oil strait hormuz
the 3 major groups of muslims are and . sunnis and shias
israel has a economy. mixed market economy
the government controls everything in a economy. command
the state of isrealwas established in (year) 1948
companies educated their own work forces is an example of invrsting in human capital
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