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notes over chp.5

Who was, John Locke? He was an English philsopher who argued that people have natural rights.
Who was, Benjamin Franklin? He was a famous American Enlightenment figure.
Who was, Edmund Andros? He was the govenor of,New England.
Who was, Jonathan Edwards?
Who was, John Peter Zenger?
What is, an apprentice? A boy around age 11 who learned trade from an expearianced craftsmen.He recieved food,clothing,lodging, and a general education, as well as training in the specific craftor business.
Treaty of Paris?
Salutary Neglect A hands-off policy of England towards American colonies during the 1st. half of the 1700's.
French and indian war Conflict in North America,that was part of a world wide struggle between France&Britian
Battle of Quebec A battle won by the British over the French,&the turning point in the french&indian war.
Glorious Revolution The overthrow of English King JamesII in 1688 and his replacement by William and Mary.
Proclamation of 1763
Magna carta (great charter)a document guaranteeing basic political rights in England.
George Whitfield
Created by: Arthur123