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S.S Chap 17


Absolute unlimited;without restrictions
Absolutionism The string belif one's power should not be limited/restrained
Monarchy goverment headed by king/queen
Divine Right belif that God has chosen you to rule
Corrupt to make something bad
Tyranny/Tyrant a goverment/ruler that abuses power
Philosopher/Philosophy person who uses reason to solve the political, economic, and/or social problems of the day
Revolution a dramatic change in thinking and/or behavior
Scientific Revoluition a time of great scientific advancements
Geocentric Theroy earth was the center of the Earth
Heliocentric theroy sun is the center of the univerese nd all planets revolve around it
Reason unemotional approch to the thought or behavior process
Heresy going against the accepted veiws of an organization or respected person
Parliment/Congress the law mking body of a country
Nobles Wealthy land owners and holders of high goverment positions
English civil war Series of violent conflicts between Charles 1 and Parliament supporters that lead to the end of monarchy for a long time
Glorius Revolution the series of non-violent acts between James II and Parliment thatended absoulte rule and began monarchy
English BIll of Rights document that established a new shape, roles and rules for goverment under William and Mary Orange
Constitution a social contract that sets up shapes, roles and rules for a goverment and people
Constitutionl monarchy goverment that has restrictions placed on its control and use of power
Enlightenment philosophical movement of the 17/18 centuries when man used reason to solve problems
Democracy a multi-party system of goverment;all people are born equal
Soveregin posseing highest power
Popular sovereignty idea that power is held by the people of a country/nation
Natural Rights freedoms which one is born
Seperation of Power division of control among two or more branches of goverment
Branch section of goverment
Executive branch of goverment that carries out laws
Judicial branch that reads laws
Legistlative branch that makes laws
Checks and Balances limits placed upon a goverment to aviod abuse of power
Rule of law idea that all must obey the law
Laissez-farie belif that the goverment should do nothing for the economy--French for "Leave it alone"
Republic goverment in which citizens elect reprezentitives to govern according to the rule of law
Economy Foundation of wea;th increased or decreased by trade
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