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haha words that im too stupid to know

Corroborate confirm
Caucus meeting of people with similar goals
Diverge become different
Clandestine secret
Ambiguous having two meanings;vague
Prerogative right;privilege
Perilous dangerous
Ratify giving approval
Abdicate to renounce right, power, responsibility
Mundane ordinary
Placid calm
Prevalent prevailing;generally accepted
Succinct brief;to the point
Equitable fair;just
Expedite speed up action;send quickly
Turbulent unruly;agitated
Tenacious holding on tightly;persistent
Pertinent relevant
Dogmatic dictatorial;opinionated
Unscrupulous not restrained by ideas of right and wrong
Wily crafty;sly
Blatant loud;obtrusive
Pretext false reason;excuse
Acumen keenness and quickness in understanding and dealing with a situation
Evasion avoidance
Indispensable absolutely essential
Endorsement statement of approval
Erudite learned;scholarly
Catalyst a person or thing that causes a change
Stagnant not flowing
Abjure avoid;renounce;shun
Adroit clever;skillful
Wan ill;lacking color;pallid
Credulous gullible;willing to believe
Ardor passion;burning heat;intense devotion
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