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History Chapter 6.

History Vocab for Chapter 6

Federal system a system that divided powers between the states and the federaol government
Executive President is Head of Executive branch. Enforces law
Legislative Interprets law
Judicial District courts: federal offenses. The us court system
Impeach to be brought up and charged for wrong doing
veto forbid
Executive Order the force of law
Pardons Excuses someone from further punishment
Qualifactions for being President Minimum age: 35 Residency:15 Citizenship: Nautral born
Qualifactions for being Senator Minimum age:30 Residence:state in which elected Citizenship:9 years
Qualifactions for being A house of Representatives Minimum age:25 Residency: state in which elected Citizenship:7 years
Supreme Court Highest court of appeal. Interprets law
Court of Appeal Can order a new trail if the previous one was unfair.
District Courts Take care of Federal offenses.
Majorite Rule The idea that the greatest number of people in society can make policies for everyone.
Petition to make a request of the government
Search Warrant A court assigned warrent that gives permission to search in a certain place for a certain thing. Search may happen in a probabal cause.
Due Process The fair application of law.
Indict to formally accuse
Double Jeopardy The Act of trying someone twice for the same crime
Eminent Domain The governments power to take personal property to benefit the public
1st Amendment Freedom of speech/press, Religion, Asssembly, and Petition.
2nd Amendment The right to bear arms, The right to a militia
3rd Amendment No soldiers may be quartered in homes
4th Amendment no unreasonable searches or seizures
5th Amendment Protects the rights of accused persons, The law must be fairly applied
6th Amendment Protects the rights of a person who has been indicted, a speedy trial,A public trial, the right to know what you are being charged with, Right to know and question who is charging you, a right to some form of representation.
7th Amendment Civil suites, involves any thing more than 20 dollars
8th Amendent no cruel and unuasual punishment. No essesive Bail.
9th Amendment Rights guarrenteed to the people
10th Amendment Rights reserved to the states.
Naturalized citizen Must be a legal immagrent, must stay for 5 years, Must take a test to prove that you know basic knowledge about Us history, Must show proficency of English, Must take and Oath of alegence.
Deport When an ilegal immagrent is deported to their country of origin.
Draft or Selective Service A system of required service in the armend forces
Political Action Commitee (PAC) Groups that collect money for canadaites that support certain issues
Intrest groups Groups of people who share a common intrest that motivates them to take political action.
Duties of a Citizen 1)Pay taxes 2)Obey the law 3)Selective Service 4)Jury Duty 5)The right to vote
Created by: c.culicchia
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