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describe the main features of environment and how people adapted to the desert. dry and reaches to 150 degrees, then at night drops below 0 degrees. Because of this heat nomads in the dessert must wear loose fitted clothes and a headdress. Nomads stop to rest and feed their herds when they find water or plants then go
describe main environmental features of oases and how people had adapted to it can range from a few acres to a large amount acres. they can support large cities such as Mecca and medina. nomads farm dates, peaches, and grains. used hollowed out wood as pipes for irrigation.
describe main environmental features of costal plains and how people had adapted to it range from 5 to 40 miles. In them it rains regularly,and because of this the air is moise and damp. People farmed for food. they Made dams so their house and farm land don't flood.
describe main environmental features of mountains and how people had adapted to it 1000 to12000 feet in the air, 20 inches of rain each year ancient dry water beds run down the mountains. houses were built from mud brick, used hollow trees to collect rain water.
why is Mecca a major trade and religious center. It became a major trade center because it is connected to the ocean and in the middle of three continents Africa, Europe, and Asia. It is a religious center because of the ka'aba. The Ka'aba is a religious shrine before Islam statues were inside.
What is the Ka'aba? The Ka'aba is a religious shrine in it statues were placed to worship gods before Islam. later on Muhammad controlled the Ka'aba destroyed the statues
why were the cities of the arabian peninsula great trade centers, and what was traded and spread The arabian peninsula is great for trade because it is between three countries Africa, Asia, and Europe. Things traded there were copper, spices, ivory, incense, textiles, silk, grain, and spices. Not just items were traded but religions to.
who is Muhammad and tell about his life growing up. Muhammad was born in a Meccan family but was orphaned and lived and worked with his uncle who was a caravan trader. at age 25 he married a wealthy business women named Khadijah.
how did Muhammad become a prophet. One day whe Muhammad was praying in a cave the angel gabriel a messenger of Allah came to him he spoke the words"there is one god named Allah" and also told him he was the final prophet of god.
Tell the five pillars of Islam and also what they mean. #1 Shahada means faith of religion #2 Salat means daily worship #3 Zakat means charity #4 Siyam means fasting #5 Hajj means pilgrimage
Created by: MichaelO'Rourke