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Arabian Penninsula

7th Social Studies

Nomads Persons who travel from place to place.
Bedouins Nomads of the Arabian Penninsula
Clan Group that travel together and are related by blood
Dessert dry,hot,little rainfall,sandstorms,
Adaptation to Dessert Wore white clothing,traveled with camels,
Mountains Rocky soil, steep, lots of rainfall, cool, Rise from 1,000 ft to 13,000 ft.
Adaptation to mountains Made steps so ground was level, hollowed out trees to collect rainfall, made irrigation canals,built houses out of mud bricks, clothing.
Coastal Plain Damp air, regular rainfall, dry riverbed, 5 to 40 miles inland, near sea, ends in rocky terrain, natural harbors,
Adaptation to Coastal Plain People farmed, were non-nomadic, and made wells, canals, and dams, communities of 300,000 people, people also traded
Oasis Vary in size, Plant Life, vegetation, provide shelter,
Adaptation to Oasis Built Houses, they farmed and traded goods to Nomads, they grew fruit, became towns, could support many people or just a few, were fought over,
Why is the Arabian Peninsula is well suited for trade? Has Frankincense, Next to large bodies of water, crossroad of three Continents.
Name two Oasis cities that became stops along many trade routes of the Arabian Peninsula? Mecca, Medina,
What two religions spread along the trade routes? Christianity and Judaism
What city is at the intersection of six trade routes? Mecca
What three goods were sought out by the rest of the world in The Arabian Peninsula. Metals, Frankincense, Spices
Why did so many trade routes develop on the Arabian Peninsula? It is the crossroad of three continents.
Why was Mecca an important religious center? The Ka'aba was located there.
What is the Ka'aba? It is an ancient religious shrine located in Mecca.
pilgrimage The journey to a holy place
Polytheism belief in many gods
What is the Islam gods called Allah
monotheism belief in one god
Who is Muhammad? He was a prophet that taught Islam.
What is Islam A religion that has it's own teachings and uses a holy book called the Qur'an. Lastly Islam was founded by Muhammad.
What happened when Muhammad's parents died? When Muhammad's parents died (he became and Orphan), he went to live with his Uncle a caravan trader.
What religions did Muhammad learn about along trade routes? Christianity, and Judaism.
What is the Qur'an? Islam holy book.
What are Muhammad's followers called? Muslims
The people from Mecca rejected Muhammad's teachings and he got kicked out of Mecca. After he got kicked out of Mecca where did he move? Medina
Who was Muhammad's wife? Muhammad's wife Khadijah
Which Angel gave Muhammad all his information The Angel Gabriel.
Muhammad ruled Medina and made an attack on Mecca. What did he do after he conquered Mecca He made the religion for everybody Islam, and took the other gods out of the Ka'aba.
What is the first Pillar Shahada
What is the Shahada? All Muslims recite There is no God but Allah, Muhammad is the messenger of god.
What is the second Pillar Salat
What is the Salat Muslims pray 5 times a day, a muezzin says when to pray, when Muslim's pray they face towards Mecca to honor Muhammad, Mosque is a Muslim church.
What is the third pillar? Zakat
What does the Zakat say. Give 2.5% of your money to carity.
What is the 4th pillar Siyam
What does Siyam say Fast during the month of Ramadan
What is the 5th pillar Hajj
What does the 5th pillar say Make a pilgrimage to Mecca if you can at least once.
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