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Ch 6 Battles

American Revolution Battles Sheet

Lexington April 19, 1775 1st battles of the Revolution
Concord April 19, 1775 Concord was the first American Victory
Bunker Hill 6/16/1775 Patriots showed the British that the war was not going to be quick and easy. British victory
Long Island 6/28/1776 Patriots ran out of supplies so they were forced to surrender.
Trenton 12/25/1776 Patriots ambushed the sleeping Hessians to defeat the British.
Princeton 1/3/1777 Partriots defeated the British which gave the Patriot Army confidence.
Philadelphia Early Oct.1777 British capture US Capital.
Saratoga 10/17/1777 The British attempt to divide the Middle and New England colonies and failed. Turning Point of War.
Valley Forge Winter 1777 & 1778 Winter Camp of the Patriots were they learned to be better soldiers. Ran short on supplies, food, and communication.
Vincennes Feb. 1779 Patriots victory strengthened army’s position in the west.
Charles Town 1779-1780 British realized that getting the colonies back would not be easy; change strategy. Patriots Win.
Camden 8/16/1780 British win however they realized that holding onto conquered land would be difficult.
Kings Mountain 10/7/1780 Brought new southern support for Patriots because they were tired of war ruining their land/farms.
Guilford Courthouse Mar. 1781 Cornwallis abandoned the Carolina campaign. Patriot Victory
Yorktown Oct. 6-19, 1781 Last Major Battle of American Revolution. Cornwallis surrendered guaranteeing U.S. independence due to lack of supplies. ( the war was too costly to continue)
Created by: kguilmino225