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SS Chapter 1

Social Studies Chapter 1 Test

What officially started the Civil War? battle at Fort Sumter
Where did most Southerners live by the mid-1850's? farms and small towns
In what region of the United States were most of the nation's cities located by the 1850's? North
What was the North's point of view on slavery by the 1850's? Most Northern states had outlawed slavery.
What was slavery's role in the Southern economy? Slavery was profitable.
What is one way in which slaves resisted slavery? holding back on work
What slave rebellion ended in the slaves returning to Africa? Amistad rebellion
What means did Harriet Tubman and others use to help slaves reach freedom in the North? Underground Railroad
Describes the lifestyle of free African Americans? They lived in fear of losing their freedom.
What problem did the Missouri Compromise solve? Northerners did not want more slave states than free states.
What led to violence in Kansas in 1854? Northerners and Southerners disagreed over the results of the slavery vote.
Why were people outraged at the Supreme Court's decision in the Dred Scott case? The Court said African Americans had no rights.
What were Lincoln's and Douglas's views on slavery? Lincoln opposed slavery, but Douglas thought slavery had its place.
What was a reason that Southern states seceded from the Union? They wanted to keep slavery.
What did the North hope to achieve by fighting the Civil War? an end to slavery
Created by: wollermh