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8th Grade US History

Early Republic -Manifest Destiny

_________was the 1803 Court decision that gave the Supreme Court the right to determine whether a law violates the Constitution. It set up the principle of judicial review. Marbury v. Madison
_________was a staunch Federalist and the longest serving Chief Justice in Supreme Court history (1801-1835). He played a key role in the development of the American legal system. John Marshall
_______is the right of the Supreme Court to judge laws passed by Congress and determines whether they are constitutional or not. Judicial Review
________7th president, was the leader of the original Democratic Party and a “President of the people”. He was also responsible for the Trail of Tears, which forced Native Americans west of the Mississippi River. Andrew Jackson
The south, led by_________ objected to the Tariff of Abomination (1828); the South wanted to nullify the national law. This became known as the Nullification Crisis. A compromise of a lower tariff kept the US from civil war. John C. Calhoun
__________is the belief that the United States should own all of the land between the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans. Manifest Destiny
The__________________(under the Articles of Confederation) set an orderly way of the addition of new states to the United States Northwest Ordinance
Texas was ________ in 1845 by the United States. This was one of the causes of war with Mexico annexed
The Treaty of ____________ended the Mexican War. The US gained Mexican Cession Guadalupe-Hidalgo
With the ________ from Mexico in 1853 the United States mainland reached its present size. It was bought for the building of a railroad. Gadsden Purchase
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