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History Test 9/26

What was the most powerful industry of all of the industrys? railroads
what was roosevelts view of coorporations? good and bad cooprs
direct primaries people choose candidates
initiative voters get to create new legislation
what were the problems with cities? overcrowding sanitation water not clean poor health care corrupt police departments
what were the progressive leaders usually? urban middle class women professionals journalists
what were the progressive leaders not? african americans
australian ballot secret ballot
referendum allows citizens to accept or reject particular legislation
recall have another election
civil service tests ability not who they know
women's suffrage 19th ammendment 1920
who was the only american president who left presidency and went on to be chief justice of the supreme court? william howard taft
ballinger pinchot controvery balinger was secretary of interier, pinchot was chief forester
joe cannon dispute cannon was speaker of the house
federal reserve act created 12 bakers baks around country
ben bernanke chairman of federal reserve board today
naturalist honestly portrayed human misery and poverty
social gospel walter rauchenbusch came up with it; havers need to give to the have nots
Jane Addams Hull House
Margaret Sanger Planned Parenthood
Booker T. Washington Tuskegee Institute
What did the Tuskegee Institute do? taught African Americans trade skills
W.E.B. DuBois Founder of the NAACP
Thomas Nasts work political cartoons about political corruption
Jacob Riis work How the Other Half Lives... living conditions of urban poor
Ida B. Wells work A Red Record... lynching of African Americans
Frank Norris work The Octopus.. railroad practices
Ida Tarbell work History of Standard Oil Company
Lincoln Steffans work The Shame of the Cities... political corruption in cities
Upton Sinclair work The Jungle... conditions and procedures in meant-packing industry
City Commissioner Plan Cities hired experts in different fields to run a single aspect of city government
City Manager Pla A professional city manager is hired to run each department of the city and report directly to the city council
Newlands Reclamation Act Allowed the building of dams and irrigation systems using money from the sale of public lands
Elkins Act Outlawed the use of rebates by railroad officials or shippers
Pure Food and Drug Act companies label the ingredients contained in processed food items
Meat Inspection Act meat processing plants be inspected... response to The Jungle
Hepburn Act Strengthened Interstate Commerce commission, allowing it to set maximum railroad rates
Clayton Antitrust Act strengthened sherman antitrust act; outlawed the creation of a monopoly through any means, and states that unions were not subject to antitrust legislation.
Federal Trade Act Established the FTC
16th Amendment Granted Congress the power to tax income (taft)
17th Amendment Provided for the direct election of US Senators (taft)
18th Amendment Prohibited making, selling, or transporting alcohol (wilson)
19th Amendment Provided women suffrage (voting) (wilson)
Adamson Act established 8 hour work day and overtime pay for railroad workers
Which reform resulted from the fire at the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory? workers compensation laws
Political machines corrupt organizations built by city officials
temperance movement the campaign to promote the practice of never drinking alcohol
Florence Kelley formed the Womans trade union leeague
NCL identified products made under healthful working conditions and encoureaged women to buy these products
suffrage the right to vote
Alice Paul founded the National Women's Party
Who founded the National Association of colored Women to help AA families and those who were less fortunate? Ida B. Wells
The NWP and the NAWSA primarily differed in their strategies
the 1903 Muller v Oregon decision upheld limited work hours for women
Niagara Movement denounced gradual progress
urban league helped poor AA workers find jobs in cities
mutualists made loans and provided legal systems for mexicans
Which event led to the formation of the NAACP? the 1908 Springfiels riot
Which group formed the Anti-Defation League to defend itself against verbal attacks and false statements? jews
In 1913 California forced Japanese Americans to sell their land
what park is oriented with John Muir? Yosemite National Park
The ______ Act gave the gov the authority to set and limit shipping costs Hepburn
The concept of "rational use" suggested that forests be preserved for public use
The National Reclamation Act directly affected the management of which natural resource? water
Wilson tried to protect workers by lowering import tariffs
Why did the US banking system need to be reformed int he early 1900s? the nation had no central authority to supervise banks
President Wilson pushed for the passage of the Adamson Act to prevent a nationwide railroad strike
What was Roosevelts program for fair gov Square Deal
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