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Tempera A fast-drying, water-based painting
Chiaroscuro The subtle gradation of light and shadow used to create the effect of three-dimensionality
Memento mori An image, often in the form of a skull, to remind the living of the inevitability of death
Iconography The analysis of works of art through the study of the meanings of symbols and images in the context of the contemporary culture
Linear perspective A mathematical system devised during the Renaissance to create the illusion of depth in a two-dimensional image, through the use of straight lines converging towards a vanishing point in the distance
Renaissance Cultural movement that spanned from the 14th to 16th century, which began in Florence following the fall of Constantinople
Fresco A technique of painting on the plaster surface of a wall or ceiling while it is still damp, so that the pigments become fused with the plaster as it dries
Contrapposto A stance of the human body in which one leg bears the weight, while the other is relaxed, creating an asymmetry in the hip-shoulder axis
Mannerism A period of European art that emerged following the High Renaissance around 1520 and lasted until about 1580 when a more Baroque style replaced it, though continued in other parts of Europe until about the 17th century
Book of Hours Medieval illuminated manuscript with a collection of texts, such as psalms and prayers, to express Christian devotion
Equestrian Statue A statue of a rider mounted on a horse
Oil paint Slow-drying and flexible paint formed by mixing pigments with the medium of oil
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