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Theatre Vocabulary

Technical Theatre Vocabulary

Scoop worklight for the theatre
Shutters make light into any shape
Convex Lens curved on both sides
Ellipsodial 575 watt fixture that can be fuzzy or sharp and can be made into any angle or shape and can be used with specialized effects machines
Par 575 watt fixture that is always fuzzy and has 4 interchangeable lenses to change the beam angle
Realism designer makes it feel real, so the audience thinks they're really there
Selective Realism you make it look like there's more to the set that you can't see
Hue Position of a color on the color wheel
Value the light to dark relationship to a hue
Chroma purity of a color or amount of neutrality; often refered to as intensity or saturation
Complentary Colors one of 2 hues directly opposite each other on the color wheel
Tints the lighter values close to white(yellows)
Shades the darker values of a hue closer to black
Primary Colors of Light red, blue, green
Primary Colors of Pigment blue, red, yellow
Pigment paint, dyes, colors that can touch your skin
Unity demands that all elements of the set form a hole that centers around the theme of a play
Balance weight. equal distribution of emphasis from one side of the stage to the other
Fresnel the most commonly used light in the theatre
Theater the building that the play is at
Theatre the art of theatre
Flat a fake theatrical wall
Luan the wood used to make flats
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